HARD KNOCKS - UT Edition...well, sort of...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Well worth the read. Best part was walking Ingram through the obstacle course with security guard so no one could touch him and yelling "scholarship running back coming through." Now that was hilarious.:hookem:
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  3. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Thanks for posting.

    aside from the cool things I think Herman is doing I am pizzed to learn about all the calls and texts to our players and coaches. So low class.
    Learning a death threat against a coach AND his family was stunning that LSU fans could sink so low.
    Add to that this fact
    "Players filed out of the locker room, grumbling that LSU required 12 trips from trainers to the field during the game, 10 of which came in the second half. That included Chaisson, winking at the Texas staff when he went down with an apparent lower-body ailment late in the second half before walking to the opposite sideline. Texas had one trip from the trainer all game, which came on the onside kick in the final minute. (Expect this to be mentioned prior to next year’s game.)"

    I regret anything nice I said about LSU. Yea they may have a good team but they are really classless.
    F'em. I hope they get beaten up many times this season.
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  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    Thanks for linking that. I enjoyed the read.
  5. Pomspoms

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    We should have learned from what they were doing, slowing down play by faking cramps. Maybe we stopped them on that one play which was called a completion but no time to review because they quickly ran another play which went for a TD I believe. We should employ the same strategy against no huddle teams. I think it was smart play by LSU. The object is to win the game anyway possible.
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  6. nashhorn

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    Thanks for link.
  7. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    You think it is o k to fake an injury to stop play??
  8. #2is#1

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    Great read, thank you sir
  9. NRHorn

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    I think the NCAA needs to address the cramping issues.
    You cramp, you are out for the series if it’s on your side of the field. If the opponent is past the 50, you sir are out for that series and the next.
    OK I know that sounds nuts but if not, the correct the strategy should be to cramp up whenever you need a break ...
    I do applaud Orlando for having integrity.
  10. mchammer

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    While the player is cramping on the field, the ref needs to hand the player a card with the conditions to be let back into the game (and to hand the card back to the ref). It should be stapled on the jersey
  11. SabreHorn

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    It's LSU, how many of them can read?
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  12. mchammer

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    Color coded then.
  13. dukesteer

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    Including the
    Including the coach...
  14. mchammer

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    Okay a pen like hockey
  15. 167back

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    They did stop play to go to video review. Ruled a completion.
  16. 167back

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    On the play Chaisson went down with ankle injury Logan also went down with injury. Logan never came back into game. Neither of those two are going to play this game coming. The other starting DE, Lawrence is out also.

    LSU had three players suffer cramps Shelvin (one in first half and once on UT's first second half drive), Divinity and Harris. Divinity, Lawrence, Chaisson and Logan all left game at some point due to injury. Three of the four are out for Saturday.

    If you have to ask why no UT defensive players suffered cramps. Well that's an easy answer. They were never on the field long enough. Tigers scored fast.

    About all that other crap. None of that happened between the white lines so I really DGF.
  17. Pomspoms

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    I don't think they reviewed that play if we are talking about the same one. However I have seen the replay and he did catch it in my opinion anyway. But the point I was making the horns should slow down fast play by faking injury until they come up with a way to penalize the team. I say the player must sit out the rest of that series if they become injured.
  18. dukesteer

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    So basically we kicked their a**es, everywhere but on the scoreboard. And yes, I do believe that.

    Our O-Line handled Mr. Peacock (Chaisson) all game. I say “Mr. Peacock” because he was strutting around the field prior to the game shirtless, looking like a peacock... at least to me. I wasn’t impressed, and apparently Texas wasn’t intimidated.

    And then there’s their all-world DB Delpit. Duvernay basically manhandled him much of the night, physically beating him. I’m fact, if I am not mistaken, after one encounter he left the field for a play or two. By the end of the game Delpit wanted no part of Duvernay.

    We also pancaked # 90 and I’m not sure if he ever came back.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wanted a W and we didn’t get it. But I have a feeling that their lowlife coach and some of those players we very glad to get out of Austin alive.

    Text that, you lowlife kitties.
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  19. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Who does LSU play tomorrow?
  20. pluckeye

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    Northwestern, 6:30 pm, SEC Network
  21. SabreHorn

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    Northwestern State notbyo be confused with that little school outside Chicago
  22. pluckeye

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    Oops. My bad. Multi-tasking got the best of me!
  23. dukesteer

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    Wonder what the over/under line is for bogus stoppages by LSU. I’ll go with 6.

  24. RainH2burntO

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  25. 167back

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    Chaisson had five tackles plus a sack pretty decent game if you ask me. The play he got hurt horns RT had to tackle him to make sure he didn't get another sack on QB. Refs did call holding though.

    That great UT "D" really took it to LSU. All those drives they held tiger "O" to two - three minutes of possession (wink wink). Being that was only the tigers second game running that new fangled HUNH "O" I'm hoping they get better at it. Like all you UT fans said it takes a while to run it properly.

    UT did such a great job of manhandling those tigers. From the horns last possession of first half till nothing but 00:00s on final clock UT never had possession with a chance to go ahead or even tie the score. Thank god LSU "D" shut down the horns "O" in the first half.
  26. 167back

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    EdO's alma mater. Tigers play an instate school every year to keep money in state and help their AD budget. No need to pay some out of state team all that money.
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  27. 167back

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    Two of the guys that went out INJURED didn't come back in the game. A third was in a walking boot after the game. None are playing this weekend. Tell them they were faking it.
  28. Horn2RunAgain

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    Why are you still here. Seriously. Aren't there some alligators you need to be plucking out of the bayou for dinner?
  29. ViperHorn

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    What defeats your statement is why didn't your offense and the entire Texas team have the same issues - they were running up and down the field just as hard.

    The entire non-Louisiana football world knows what was going on. Time to move on.
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  30. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    I mistakenly blamed NorfolkTiger who is a welcome poster here.
    Are you the one who told us it was a time honored LSU tradition to harass opposing teams players and coaches with phone calls that are racist and that threaten death to coaches famiies?

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