Hoge Just 'Buried the Hatchet'

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. stanhin

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    In a positive way. He gave a shout out to VY on the latest NFL PrimeTime show this afternoon, gave him "much love," blew him a kiss (literally) and said "let's bury the hatchet." He then went on to praise VY for becoming a complete quarterback. I think Hoge has finally turned the corner, folks. [​IMG]
  2. Longhorny630

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    Hoge turned the corner, not us. We knew it all along
  3. stanhin

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    Thank you. You're right. I fixed it.
  4. DRAG69

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    I was hoping your post was "between his own eyes".
  5. stanhin

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    Hoge, Dilfer, and Wingo ended the NFL Prime Time show by unanimously picking VY as the Prime Time player of the week.
  6. sinless1

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    Phenomenal what it takes to gain kudos from the talking heads! That was one of the greatest comeback touchdown drives in NFL history, but Vince has had more than his share of super-human performances prior to Sunday to recommend him as a potential future HOF'er. Will these clowns remember any of this when/if VY has a letdown game in a few weeks?
  7. Vote For Pedro

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    With the way Hoge made it a very personal vendetta and the way he said so many things about VY I think he owes him more than just a pronouncement of now being a complete QB. I think it requires more of an actual apology. Thankfully VY is a much better person than I am and said kind things about Hoge and his critics over the last few days.

    I will say though that I still don't trust Hoge. When VY has a bad game or two as all QBs do, I wouldn't be surprised to see Hoge come out of the woodwork to start talking about how VY can't get it done in the NFL.
  8. Detective Shilala

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    He *blew him a kiss*?!
    He's still being an ******* about it...
  9. atxbomber

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    Guess that leaves Chris Carter as the final unbeliever at ESPN.
  10. stanhin

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    Chris Carter was complimentary of VY this morning. They had him on by telephone on an ESPN2 morning show.
  11. westexas

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  12. Hornin Hong Kong

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    After the game vince said he gave much love to hoge who was just doing his job. Hoge heard it obviously.
  13. nwhornfan

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    he's still a douche............. [​IMG]
  14. White Castle

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    Doesn't it take two sides each having a problem with the other for there to even be a hatchet to bury?

    As far as I know, Vince never had an issue with Hoge, he just couldn't understand the reason for all the hate.

    So to me, Hoge offering to bury the hatchet is ridiculous because that presumes Vince somehow contributed to the situation. Just getting off VY's back would suffice.
  15. jayakris

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    Huh? .. How can he "bury the hatchet" when this whole thing was a one-way thing? .. VY did not have a fight with him, or argue with him, did he? .. VY was just giving him "love".

    Burying the hatchet is not what we want from Hoge. Just come out and say that "I badly underestimated Vince Young's prospects as an NFL QB" and WE ALL will all bury the hatchet. You are not the one to bury any hatchet with VY, Mr. Hoge!

  16. Wesser

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    VY buried his foot in Hoge's ***. [​IMG]
  17. goredho

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    Merrill Hoge is the Ellsworth Toohey of professional sports.
  18. DigglerontheHoof

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  19. starchild

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    the bottom line is that hoge had no choice. if the titans end up 8-8, 9-7 or 10-6 (heaven forbid), then what can hoge say? if he continues to be critical, then he becomes viewed as a guy with a personal vendetta. amazing that the guy that hoge called immature was the mature one in this deal.
  20. bck031

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    Does anyone have the video?
  21. stanhin

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  22. thadccab

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    before everyone goes on forgiving merrill streep for "burrying the hatchet. Lets remember the **** talking he did on the radio when vince was down.

    the link
  23. horns4everup

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  24. caryhorn

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    Sinless one,

    YOu nailed it. Vince has proved before this he is an NFL quality QB. This past week he proved he has potential to move into the elite catagory, along with Peyton, Brees, Brady etc.

    Give Vince two more years of experience and he will be there.
  25. Vote For Pedro

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  26. horns4everup

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  27. Oilfield

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    I'm still trying to figure out who these "NFL Quality" quarterbacks are. Okay you have the Manning boys, Farve, and Brees, but that's like 10% of the league. Everyone has quarterbacks that struggle from time to time.

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