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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by nashhorn, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. nashhorn

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    First none of my sprinkler heads would come up. Just barely spill a bit of water from all zones. Thinking pressure bad I do repair on the first valve off the main line, internal parts and solenoid. Now they all work BUT when first zone goes on and time elapses it goes down like it should, but then back up with 2nd zone coming on, and then 1st and 2nd come on when 3rd zone comes on, etc. Naturally by the time the last zones are due to come up pressure too weak for them to pop up.

    Any of you experts might enjoy enlightening me as to what I have done?

  2. BigWill

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    hard to understand the OP, but it sounds like the timer is fried.
    Have you tried to run each zone manually, not at the timer but using the override at the valve?
    Do they all function correctly when you do that?

    Unless you've changed the wiring around, i'm going with the fried timer theory.
  3. NickDanger

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    BW, you are a diplomat.
  4. nashhorn

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    Sorry, didn't realize I was so incoherent with post.
    I did think that the only thing making sense was the controller itself but just could not see how that would go out all of a sudden.
    Let me rephrase the whole story. None of my sprinklers were working. When I went, through the control unit, each section/zone all I could get was burbling. No sprinkler heads would come up all the way. Thinking that the first valve in line must have gotten sand or dirt in it causing a plug I replaced all replaceable parts, including solenoid, etc. Now all will work but they do not shut down after running. The first zone will stay up when timer goes to second. Even doing the manual turn on at timer/controller the first zone comes on.
    Any better explanation there?
  5. BigWill

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    do the manual turnon at the valves, not the timer.

    I think your timer is ******. And yes, an electronic device dies a quick death without warning.
  6. 01 grad

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    You might recheck the wiring on the solenoid you did the work on. If everything looks okay there I agree controller is bad.
  7. ninerhorn

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    what about a reputable person in Austin who installs sprinklers? I am looking for a bid.


  8. wolfman

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    Check your valve wiring and be sure that nothing is crossed. There should be a common wire that goes from the timer box to all valves and in individual wire that goes from the box to all valves. The common wire is usually shared by all valves. Also do what one above said and turn the zones on manually one at a time to be sure they work OK.
  9. nashhorn

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    thanks all, agree that appears to be controller just hard to imagine why it pooped out like that.
    And to answer Wolfman, I did open the back and see the wiring you describe. When I run, using controller panel, one valve at a time if I select any valve above # one, even choosing the "manual single zone selection", zone one and any previous # zone will pop up with the one I have selected. Just plain sucks.


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