Horns are NIT #2 seed

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    Irrespective of the NIT outcome, Shaka is back next season because of his ******** contract. We can only hope someone forces him to hire an assistant that can coach offense.
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    Fixed that for you...
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    Now that we are headed to MSG, someone wrote an article about our 1978^ that won the NIT. Will give you a good feel for how much fun Abe Lemons was as Texas coach
    1978 NIT-Abe Lemons & Texas Take Manhattan

    ".... Houston was blown out by Notre Dame 100-77 in the first round of the NCAA’s. After Texas won the NIT Lemons joked that maybe he should send the ref from the SWC tournament game a basket of fruit to thank him for not sending Texas to that fate.

    “When the other team sees our guys, they’re so busy giggling they can’t play,”

    The video of the championship game against N.C. State is posted below. It is worth the look for so many reasons, not the least of which are the commercials. But take a look at the introduction of the starting lineups. The Wolfpack players look the part, and Texas, well, looked like Texas. I saw this repeated time after time that year. Teams would come out for the tip, take a look at Texas and you could see wheels spinning in their minds. “We got this.”

    Until the ball went up.

    Texas cruised through the first two rounds of the NIT with home wins over Temple and Nebraska by a combined 33 points. Then it was on to New York where the Horns would play Rutgers while Georgetown and North Carolina State met in the other semifinal.

    ”We were living on $15 a day in New York, if you can believe that. Two eggs a la carte were $6.95. Nothing with them. So, I called the waiter over and asked to see the chicken. ‘What for?’ he asks. I told him I wanted to see the chicken that lays $6.95 eggs.” (Abe on the high cost of living in the big city)

    Over 18,500 were in Madison Square Garden for the Semis. Clyde Austin hit a 35-foot desperation heave at the buzzer in overtime to moved N.C. State past Georgetown 86-85.

    Texas meanwhile manhandled Rutgers 96-76. Krivacs & Baxter combined to hit 14-18 from the field in the first half as the Horns shot 57% for the game.

    In the championship contest, that duo combined for 59 points as Texas was never really challenged after jumping out to a 14-5 lead.

    As you may have noticed I haven’t spent a lot of time on particular games from this season. Didn’t see the point, since the team was so much more interesting.

    One final story. The four squads were going through media day/practice in Madison Square Garden. Georgetown’s John Thompson was standing with Abe, watching Texas go through some drills.

    Thompson (pointing at Baxter): “Who’s the fat kid?”

    Lemons: “My best player.”

    Thompson: “I assumed it was either that or he is your bastard son.”

    “Finish last in your league and they call you an idiot. Finish last in medical school and they call you Doctor.”

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    Last night the Spurs retired Manu Ginobili's #20; was noted on the radio that it was the 9th jersey retired by the Spurs.

    In order of when they were retired:

    1. James Silas
    2. George Gervin
    4. David Robinson
    5. Sean Elliott
    6. Avery Johnson
    7. Bruce Bowen
    8. Tim Duncan
    9. Manu Ginobili

    The third, 00 - Johnny "Junior" Moore, UT-Austin, NIT Champ, was the all-time Spurs leader in assists.
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    Loved that guy. The Spurs cut him out of camp even though they liked him. Signed him again later.

    He was having a great career until he came down with an odd disease

    " .... Some of the details have faded, but Moore can still remember those first harrowing moments.

    The first headache. The first denial. The first time he felt fear.

    He was sitting at Los Angeles International Airport with the rest of the team on a chilly December morning in 1985 after the Spurs had defeated the Los Angeles Clippers the night before.

    His head was throbbing.

    “At first, I didn’t think much about it,” he recalled. “Being an athlete, I thought I could just shake it off.”

    He called his wife back in San Antonio.

    “I told him to go get a Tylenol. You’ll be OK,” Natalie Moore said. The couple divorced in 2008 after 23 years of marriage. “But he called the next day to say he still had a headache. And it was a bad one.”

    Moore played that night in Denver as the Spurs beat the defending division champion Nuggets 128-118.

    The next morning, the pain persisted....."
    Spurs Where Are They Now? Johnny Moore
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    Junior could absolutely dish the rock; I recall many times at Texas and the Spurs, Moore seemingly away from the developing play positioning near the basket bounce passing in a bullet to one of the bigs, with the defenders at a loss because they weren't expecting the ball in there yet.

    My favorite Junior play though was in the Special Events Center (before renamed) not sure if it was his junior or senior year, the Horns were really good and were outclassing Rice bigly, game about over Texas at 98 points, Rice like in the 60s, about 30 seconds left Rice scored and Junior was bringing the ball down the court to end the game.

    He noticed Rice was just lollygagging around, assuming Junior would just dribble and run out the clock, Junior made for the lane and at top of the key tossed the ball high, intentionally missing to get the rebound back to him who now was levitating right in front of the rim for the slam and taking Texas to 100 points. The crowd loved it.

    He was a baller.
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    I think I remember that Rice player - kinda short guy who looked like he was from Greece?
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    Coulda been; seems like he just stood there watching Junior fly past him into the lane.
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    Texas over TCU 31-17 at the half
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    TCU has made a run, based on Texas turnovers and TCU hitting some open shots. Lead down to 7. Horns are playing very sloppy now. TCU is playing much better this half.
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    Texas up 38-31 2nd half about 11 or 12 to play.
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    Make that 38-33.
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    We can’t finish a fast break.
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    We all knows what about to happen...
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    TO Texas up 42-33 9:42 left
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    47-36 4:40 remaining.
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    50-36 :hookem:
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    Final 58-44 Horns.
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    58-44 final
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    Way too play Defense.
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    Congrats to our Horns!:bevo:
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    In the championship vs Lipscomb.

    You can't stop Lipscomb. You can only hope to contain them.
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    Lipscomb better ready for that Defense.
  27. LonghornCatholic

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    Why couldnt they play like this the last 2 weeks of the season? It makes me sad. Ohh well i guess theyre finishing strong now. Lipscomb ..... i hope we dont make it all this way to lose to them in the finals. ;) here's to 1 more victory
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    Good win tonight. Solid D. Let’s win the NIT.
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    FINAL Texas 58. TCU 44

    Texas to the championship game.
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