Horns at Baylor

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Jan 24, 2014.

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    I'm not sure when we last played 3 ranked teams in a row, I sure can't wait to see if we can hit the trifecta. There's still some tickets left and the roads have been plowed so lets show up in force!

    I'm predicting:
    a close game and a victory for the good guys
    one of the Freshmen will have a career high.

    The Baylor Temperance Clubs (men's and women's) will be at the game and have promised to join us at the Dancing Bear after the game. They get to let loose once a year, as long as they confess their sins twice the next day, so that should be fun.

    I'm going to keep an eye on Brady Heirlip tomorrow and try to figure out why he does this all the time:
    The Link

    It must be a Canadian thing.

    Art Briles made the football team run to Central Florida and back and they're supposed to run through the Ferret Center at halftime on the final leg of their journey.

    George's opens at 6:30AM tomorrow morning, there's nothing like a couple of Big O's at 9:00 in the morning with their Liver & Onions. (voted #1 in Waco!)

    30 minutes after sunset, me and some buds from Iron Workers Local 482 are going to visit the new stadium and make a few "adjustments".
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    Heslip does that because he is a 3-point shooter.
  3. Third Coast

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    Baylor is going to come out of their slump sooner, or later. I just hope it's next week.
  4. Statalyzer

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    Baylor big man getting owned in the paint and resorting to flopping; thankfully the refs aren't falling for it.
  5. mojo17

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    The reds are going to foul everyone out. Need to let them play a little
  6. Statalyzer

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    Neither team has hit a 3 pointer yet.
  7. Chest Rockwell

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    Zebras are in love with their whistles today. 25 fouls so far - quite a few the ticky/tack variety.
  8. Statalyzer

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    Ok now we've hit a three. [​IMG]

    Glad that I reverse-jinxed us but not Baylor. [​IMG]
  9. mojo17

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    Baylor shot 21 free throws in a half that has to be close to some kind of record. We should be up by double digits. Screw these zebras
  10. Third Coast

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    The foul calls look pretty even to me, there's just too many of them.
  11. tejas77

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    Was outside doing some stuff and missed the 1st half. From the comments above and the box score on ESPN, seems I didn't miss much except a lot of fouls.
  12. tejas77

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    Nice job by the Horns and Taylor the 2nd half. Glad my presence sparked them! [​IMG]
  13. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Nice win Horns!!

  14. utempire

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    Great game Horns!
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    Pretty nice a-whippin' on #24 at their house. Shoulda been by 16. Leave it to Baylor to sneak in a cheap basket at the end. We purposely ran out our shot clock not to tack on more. With 4 secs left we didn't even line up to play defense. The guy gets the inbound beyond the arc and streaks in completely unguarded for a final cheap layup just before the buzzer.

    I get maybe shooting a 3 as a practice shot during a game. But an uncontested layup with a second left? And on the team that just gave you the courtesy of not trying to score again knowing they'd leave a little time but oh well? Weak *** move as usual by Baylor. There's nothing useful or practicing about that middle school lay in. It's not like they did something completely awful, just tick tack stuff like that pisses me off coming from Baylor. [​IMG]
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    very nice win. [​IMG]
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    No kidding.
  23. Third Coast

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    Supposedly the first time in school history that Texas has beaten three ranked teams in a row. Technically factual, but realistically Baylor was most likely going to drop out of the rankings win, or lose today.
  24. DINO22

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    Good Job Team!!!!!!!!!
  25. caryhorn

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    Taylor was lights out today. Driving, scooping, lay ups. All in the paint. If he can keep that kind of aggressive attacking style up, that will open up jumpers, passing lanes, etc. That's the kind of guard play we haven't seen in a while. [​IMG]
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    The thing that was weird to me about this game was the free throw shooting. This team seems like it's either all in or all out... no 70 percent shooting performances for this team, they're either money or they're around 55 percent. Glad they got that performance out of their system in a game that they controlled start to finish - maybe focus was the issue.

    On an unrelated note... if you get a bag of three onions, does that count as one item or three for purposes of the express lane?
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