Horns in LA regional

Discussion in 'Softball' started by BabHorn, May 11, 2015.

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    For some reason I thought we'd be hosting a regional.....
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    Game link is espn.go.com. You may need to have a certain television carrier to get it.
  7. NBHorn7

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    Real pitcher's duel as Texas leads 5-3 after one inning. :smile1:
  8. NBHorn7

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    Texas leads 7-3 in the top of the fourth.
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  9. Dionysus

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    We're a 1 seed right?
  10. NBHorn7

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    No, this is the UCLA Regional and they are the #1 seed. If Texas was the #1 seed, this would be played in Austin.

    The game is on LHN now too, as a home run just made it 8-3.
  11. NBHorn7

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    Texas wins 8-3.
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    Horns will play tomorrow at 2 pm in the winners bracket. :hookem:
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    I was going between this game and four baseball games, I was doing good to get the score right. I had three games on the computer and two on television.

    I'm a one man SportsCenter. Didn't have time to check my sarcasm meter.:smile1:
  15. Dionysus

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    And I wondered why the thread was in Other Sports instead of the Baseball forum but you have your secret ways of doing things NB.
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    I had a thread on the Baseball forum going too, with scores and links, for the Big 12 games.

    I posted a link to the game here, since it started at 5 pm. LHN didn't pick it up till 6 pm.
    I didn't start this thread, since it was already here, I posted here.

    This is where the softball information goes. I was going between threads.

    I am a multitask-er or multithread-er, maybe bithreadial, whatever term covers it.

    I typed underhanded over here (very difficult) and overhanded on the baseball thread.
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    I just realized this is a softball thread, not baseball. I are smart.

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