Horns vs ISU

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by txlandagent, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. txlandagent

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    Good win horns. Iowa State is a very weak bottom table team without a road win on the season. But a win is a win.

    I am still flabbergasted at how little motion this team has and how much they fundamentally fail to produce offense inside the paint. Thank goodness they shot 47% 3PT because they’d rather take 3’s than drive a wide open Lane or pass to a man wide open inside.
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  2. Horn87

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    why are you flabberwhatever with a Shaka-coached team---we are submergerged in the Weltich of mediocrity!! (btw, is Kaiser Bob still alive??)
  3. caryhorn

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    I am not surprised or shocked about ^^^. I am somewhat embarrassed that every single team we play seems better coached than UT.

    We have great talent and athleticism on this team, and they should be putting ISU away. But its hard for one dribbler and 4 statues to win games against players that move, cut, slash, roll and find open shots.
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  4. BevoJoe

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    ISU mainly "out uglied" us, and lost the game. So. our ugly was not as bad as their ugly. We need to get "pretty" and fast or we won't be asked to go to the big prom.
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    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Its always a good day when the Horns win, hasnt changed one iota my outlook on this team but yesterday was a good day for the Horns. Never-the-less to quote Bitter White Guy over at Barking Carnival "Congratulations we're mediocre with moments of competency" and that about sums up this years team.
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  6. Run Pincher

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    He's exactly right. Of course some in the media want to call this a heroic comeback. What I saw was 33 min of lazy, lackadaisical, uninspired basketball and 7 min of playing to potential.

    Texas barely beat a team that hasn't won a road game all season. This should have been a 25+ point beat down at home. When this team starts playing 40 min like they did for the last 5 min then maybe we can call them heroes.
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  7. MajesticII

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    If the clumsy white guy from ISU doesn't miss a pass that would have resulted in an easy lay up the game probably ends poorly for Texas. But that is part of the game. A W is a W.
  8. Tico

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    Say what you want about Shaka, but he can't control the horrid play of the guards. Ramey can't make layups. He spends more time fussing at teammates and not getting back on defense after he turns the ball over. Neither guard has shown an aptitude to feed the post. Sims is open for two to three seconds and they are stuttering in their decision if they want to pass the ball. IT'S TOO LATE THEN!! Baylor is ranked #1 because of the way their guards play.
  9. Walking Boss

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    I think this has something to do with coaching or more aptly put, lack of coaching. Smart is the head coach so if he dictate what he wants done then he is the problem. In my humble opinion, he is and nothing is going to change.
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  10. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The team play is a direct reflection of their leadership....aka coaching. If players are not getting better it absolutely can be due to their own issues. Players come into programs of all sports and underperform.

    However, under Shaka I have not seen any...not one...player perform significantly better after arriving here especially the guards. Many players played better in high school and regress here. Just look, he has a potential superstar in Sims down low and he refuses to make him a focus of the offense more than a few minutes per game.

    It's really pathetic the talent Shaka has wasted since being in Austin.
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  11. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Well, I have to think that how the players at each position play has a great deal to do with how they are coached. Isn't that why they call them "coaches?"

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