Houston Astros 2018 Thread

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Phil Elliott, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Joe Fan

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    Bregman shows off his NBA move ....

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  2. Joe Fan

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    Check out all the Houston fans at Fenway

  3. Joe Fan

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    how about that?

  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

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  5. 2003TexasGrad

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    Weirdly impressive.
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  6. NJlonghorn

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    I like that they did it within 154 to get rid of all doubt. Better even than the '27-'28 Yanks, with a game to play.
  7. mb227

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    Putting the current season record in perspective...they are 91-54 after last night's win. There have been two stretches of poor play in July and August where the Astros went 3-14. And overall, they have struggled at home...usually a team steamrolling a league is doing it at home with the road record being a little over break-even.

    The road record is almost better than what the Red Sox have done at home. Sox are 50-20 at home and the Astros are 51-22 on the road. Only 40-32 at home...still above .500 but very much a middling record that would have them outside looking in if they were playing at the same clip on the road.

    It is ironic that they need to keep a torrid pace up to ensure a Division win and avoid a one-game wildcard game and have nine games at home with eight remaining on the road. The games against Arizona are not gimme wins, and the games against Seattle will be tough...Seattle is basically out of it now but have had their number much of the season.

    Road games remaining include three at Toronto and four at Baltimore to close the season. They also have the potential sweep game tonight in Detroit. Baltimore could be easy or it could be tough depending on just how motivated Baltimore is to start their vacation. They almost took a series from the Yankees a few weeks back. Pride can be quite the motivator...

    Oakland has six against the Angels and three with the Mariners. Outside of Seattle sweeping Oakland and running the table, Seattle is out of it. Oakland took a tough bite the other day when one of their starters was declared out for the balance of this season and likely all of next season.

    At least we are in the end of the season and there are still many games that mean something...
  8. Joe Fan

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    Players with at least 50 doubles, 30 HRs and 10 SBs in a season:

    2018 Alex Bregman
    2007 Matt Holliday
    2005 Derrek Lee
    2002 Alfonso Soriano
    1996 Alex Rodriguez
    1962 Frank Robinson
    1932 Chuck Klein
    1927 Lou Gehrig

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  9. LousianaHorn

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    not to mention 100 runs and 100 RBI's........1st 3rd sacker in MLB HISTORY to do that!
  10. Joe Fan

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    The home/road split is pretty weird
    Some people think it might be all the changes in center field that affect the hitter's view of the pitched ball that accounts for the home game performance. The problem with that is its the same view for all hitters. But there is definitely something going on
  11. Phil Elliott

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    They like playing outdoors?
  12. mb227

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    Most games are with the roof open, so I don't believe that would account for the difference.

    I have not looked to see what opposing hitters are doing this year compared to years past, but the changes in center field that were pointed out by ESPN a few weeks back absolutely seems to make sense. I don't know if the team can have changes made mid-season or not, so it will be interesting to see what they do with that backdrop in the off-season...
  13. Phil Elliott

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    I don't think this is correct. My experience at MMP is most games have the roof closed. If they do open it, it is usually late in the game when the sun has gone down.

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