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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by LousianaHorn, Dec 18, 2018.

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    Disclaimer: I'm not complaining

    So the strategy is to give up a run thru 6 innings and hope the other teams dont score 5 more in the last three? Maybe the plan is to bring a starter in as a reliever?

    The Stros now have one of the most impressively dominating starting rotations I have ever seen. With the relievers I dont have remotely as much confidence. Let's just hope the offense doesn't get too relaxed and cocky.
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    No such thing bro, just ask @militaryhorn - amirite?
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    And here we go -- Luhnow says it's likely that Aaron Sanchez will start on Saturday

    Looks like
    Miley Friday
    Sanchez Saturday
    Verlander Sunday
    Greinke Tuesday
    Cole Wednesday
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    Pretty imposing rotation - Astros should be well-prepared for the playoffs.
  7. X Misn Tx

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    But how does he do against the spread
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    I am more empathetic with the Angels than antagonistic, since this is how we used to operate. I am grateful for the management we now have in place

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    You are so right, JF. What a change it is to be the team making the smart, timely moves, instead of how we used to be (under 3 different owners, no less).
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    Aaron Sanchez (oh yeah and we got this other guy) just threw 6 innings of no hit baseball in his Astros debut.
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  11. Phil Elliott

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    Bullpen puts up 3 no hit innings to contribute to a combined no-hitter against the Mariners on Astros HOF induction day.
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    St. Nolan approves of this message.
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    Last 16g, Astros starters are 13-1 with a 1.81 ERA

    Next three starters up are: Verlander (today), then Greinke, then Cole.

    Is this real?

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  14. Joe Fan

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    So Aaron Sanchez gets to Houston and participates in a no-hitter?
    Go figure

    this chart is lol funny
  15. Phil Elliott

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    You think Strom told him his sinker sucks?
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    From one of my favorite channels on youtube for strange baseball plays etc.

  17. Phil Elliott

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    "Which is just really nice for the bat boy, you got everything in one place" LOL.
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    Even with that mid-season swoon, they have been well-prepared and well-suited for a deep run...consider their present record. Now remember that the record is what it is despite that stretch in mid-June where they dropped ten out of fourteen games.

    You can bet that other teams remember that as well and will be pressing from the beginning of a game...and pressing leads to mistakes. The 'stros are NOT a team that you can make mistakes against. After all, even with all of the gopher balls Verlander has surrendered, his ERA is STILL under 2.70 on the season. He has given up 29 of them...and only 49 runs total on the season. Even Cole has been vulnerable to the gopher ball, with 22 of them (almost one per game), yet the two of them are basically the leaders in the Cy Young race.
  19. mb227

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    Seattle ALSO got no-hit in the combined game the Angels threw while honoring their fallen teammate. They are probably going to start checking schedules to see if they are facing anyone on a day with any measure of significance LOL!
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    I heard Sanchez interviewed today. He said the first thing Strom wanted was to see him throw. So they did that. He said they then talked about using the curve more against that opponent. He got with the catcher next, they discussed it, Maldonado had a plan and knew exactly what he wanted, so Sanchez let him pretty much call the whole game. What he didnt say was how much consulting Maldanado did with Strom. But, other than that, he was a little vague about specifics. But the results were remarkable.

    One last amusing part was that he was being interviewed by Ross Villareal of local radio and they both laughed about how so many people speak Spanish to them both, because of their last names, but neither can speak Spanish.
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  22. Joe Fan

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    Salami -- Yordan Alvarez now has 49 RBI in 45 career games — most in history by a ballplayer through their first 45 games. Previous high: Ted Williams (47).
    update - by the end of tonight's game, he had 51rbi
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  23. Joe Fan

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    The Astros won last night 23-2.
    Jeff Luhnow said --

    "I was sitting with both Mike (Elias) and Sig (Mejdal) last night during the game and, at some point, I had to leave. It was just a little strange."
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  25. Joe Fan

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    Into today, here are your wRC+ leaders over the last 30 days
    3 of the top 5 Astros (+JD Davis, of all people, in the top 10)
    1. Nelson Cruz - 232
    2. Jose Altuve - 223
    3. Yordan Alvarez - 219
    4. Gio Urshela - 216
    5. Yuli Gurriel - 205
    6. J.D. Davis - 194
    6. Mike Trout - 194
    8. Keston Hiura - 190
    9. Jorge Soler - 183
    10. Christian Yelich - 181
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  28. Sangre Naranjada

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    I've heard of places serving killer tacos before but I never thought to take that term literally.
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    Buc-ee's literally has everything

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    and every major sporting league contract contains wording stating that they have to clear any medication with the team's medical staff and the governing body. No Buc-ee exemptions.

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