How prepared are you for a zombie infestation?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by CleverNickname, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Herein lies a major problem.

    All previous Zombie mantra has shown that if any sort of infection occurs, you have between 20 seconds to 20 hours before the person goes Zombie on you.

    28 Days Later Zombies were established to be an almost instantaneous zombie maker- cutting off an arm couldnt happen fast enough to stop the infection from happening (remember, a guy had 1 drop of blood get into his eye and he turned)- so if those are the zombies we are fighting against, we have no choice but to eliminate the unfortunate individual.

    Dawn of the Dead Zombies had a 5-20 hr incubation period, not quite sure even if the wound took place on an arm or leg and we wacked it off immediately, it would keep the infection from spreading.

    But we can always use newly chromed trailerhitches....... [​IMG]
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    My problem with my own idea is how much force would have to be applied to kill a ghoul? Would a 1" deep dent kill them? Another thing to consider is if it does not kill, would they be knocked out by such a blow? Even for a few minutes to allow time for a .22 in the ear?

    Experimentation alone will give us these answers. I still prefer my spherical clubhead, but alternatives are sure worth looking into. Speaking of one point of contact, try rolling a ball on the floor and checking how many points touch the floor at any one time.
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    I like the ball on the end of a bar idea. My only concern is that the ball may become lodged inside the broken skull bones and cost a split second to remove. Using an elongated cube with a pyramidal point would remove that problem. Because it is always wider behind the point of penetration, it cannot become lodged behind any broken bones and would be easier to remove. It would also concentrate all of the force at a single point rather than spreading it out over a surface.

    I definitely agree that experimentation is key. I wonder if they would let me experiment in our anatomy lab.
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    I see what you mean about a single point touching in a sphere. What I meant is that a sphere more quickly brings in a rounded surface and dissipates the force towards the sides. With a pyramidal point, the main mass of the object comes into contact at a slower rate. My main issue for it though is extraction. Having dissected skulls, I know that the bones could break and allow a sphere in and trap it. There are some really thick bones at the base. I don't doubt a sphere could kill the zombie and normally be no problem to extract. I am just talking about those few times where you crack into the squamosal and occipital region.
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    Great stuff thero, nice to hear from someone who has had hands on experience. Since we don't now have access to Zombies, dead or undead, some experiments can only be tentative at best. No way to know if they can be knocked out with a really good whack on the bean, for instance.

    My last peal for the spherical ball is that I am less likely to get hurt if I fall down and land on it. An OSHA thing, I suppose. (Yeah, pretty weak.)
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    I've found a perfect site. It's cold and a fortress and extremely remote

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    The Wampa on Hoth was kind of like a zombie. Cut its arm off and it still lived. Luke should have aimed for the head.

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