How prepared are you for a zombie infestation?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by CleverNickname, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. accuratehorn

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    According to aggy yell leaders, they are facing this very problem tomorrow night.
  2. Bevo5

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    What about a super wal mart?

    No windows...a few doors thave you would obviously have to cover up..but there is a **** ton of food and plenty of water already in there. You could use the roof to set-up a massive water-gathering operation, and grow food in the green house.

    That's where I'm, ammo, wolf shirts. Everything you need.
  3. tx 3 putt

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    Costco or Sam's has the same set up with less doors.
  4. Tyler Durden

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    Do any of those stores sell guns? I'm pretty sure Sam's doesn't and I know Walmart used to sell them. I would go with whichever stores sells guns. Actually, on second thought I am going to go with a two story Academy. Lots of guns, bats, and other possible weapons plus you can pick them off as they come up the escalator.
  5. tx 3 putt

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    I think we're getting away from one of the first rules, get out of the cities.
  6. SuperHero

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  7. tx 3 putt

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    I love the helicopter blade idea, but powering them might be an issue.

    If we are holed up on a hill, I like rolling logs with spikes.

    Need to channel them all into one kill zone. Optimize fire powe and man power.
  8. S197HQQKEM

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    all I can say is that them zombies had better watch out cause

    I am not wearing any pants.
  9. CleverNickname

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  10. mez2

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    you rang?
  11. SuperG24

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    This thread has scared me into doing some research on the undead. I just got through watching 28 days later, and those zombies were quite fast on their feet, yet it seemed they were easily brought down with automatic weaponry. I'm getting ready to watch 28 weeks later, and see if these possibly are the harder folks to put down. Any more studying guides, etc. would be much appreciated.

    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts

    SuperG = True Believer.

    S197HQQKEM = not so much.

  13. schnarkle

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    In my mind you've got to go militarily. Wal-Marts just aren't going to cut it. The NORAD Cheyenne Missile Complex Would be my choice. Years of survivability built-in.


  14. Macanudo

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    Cheyene is great and all but once again, YOU'RE STUCK UNDERGROUND. If the zombies get past your first line of defense (the outer doors) then you have very little room to manuever in.
  15. tx 3 putt

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    Maybe the shooters could work in teams. Shooter #1 uses automatic weapon to knock them down. Shooter #2 is the sniper, picks off the head.
  16. SuperG24

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    Before I start the schematics on my own home, I need to prepare my mind for the worst thing that could happen. Those around you becoming infected, and having only seconds to deal with what has to be done. Now I'm pretty sure that in the event that my wife becomes infected, she'll be dead quicker than an aggie can put his own foot in his mouth. Hell, I might even enjoy it a little. But I just can't seem to bear the thought of putting a bullet in dear old grandpa, seconds after he becomes reanimated. Scared, yes, indeed I am.
  17. yourlordarileus

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    After reading this thread a co-worker and I were discussing what we would do in the case of a zombie attack while at work. I said go to a Walmart with a few people and he said Cabela's. Both have guns and a supply of food and water. The only downside we could see is that you would need to many people to fortify both of these locations.
  18. rtchorn

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    You know, I've been avoiding this thread because I assumed it would be full of utter sillyness, but there's actually a lot of useful information here. I bought my house primarily because it was on stilts and thus impervious to flood waters. But now I see that the stilts serve a dual purpose, flood proof and zombie proof.

    Thanks to the shoddy construction work by my builder, the stairs in front can be easily dismantled. I would have assumed that removing the stairs would be enough to protect me, but now I can see that was pure folly. When I get home tonight, I am going to cover the slilts in a combination of axle grease and broken glass. I'm sure I make get some nasty letters from the home owners association, but being prepared for Zombies comes first.
  19. mez2

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    we should start training now too, we need practice agility drills because research shows that approximately 63.6% of victims are killed because they dont have the escapability and elusiveness to get away from the zombies. zombies have freakish athletic ability, just watch 28 Days/Months Later
  20. schnarkle

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    this would be a perfect time to break out the blocking sled...
  21. Macanudo

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    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts

    As if zombies aren't problem enough, if we encounter zombies in Stormtrooper whites & orange capes, then something has gone horribly, horribly awry.

  23. CleverNickname

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    25 degrees tonight here in Austin. Should be zombie safe. Enjoy it.

    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts


    I am in training. Pulled it to within 1" @ around 60 yards (or "yarrrds!" if you are a pirate). .22 LR Magnum. I have designs on a .22 Hornet & a .22 "Bull Barrel" as well.

    Need to get 1" @ around 150 yards & then keep improving from there. Yes, I realize this is not a clip feed. Some times, you have to go with the tools you already have.

    Please also notice that I have BOTH eyes open, finger tip trigger pressure vs. the joint & my mouth shows I am breathing (better shots come on exhale, not while holding your breath).

    Thanks to the wife who got me the rest for Xmas... she is apparently on board after having heard me read the other 7 pages of this topic.

  25. CleverNickname

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    I was googling "concrete footer" and "concrete block" for my spring-time cabin project that is really on nominally zombie related, and this thread popped up as a result. This fact cracks me up.
  26. SuperG24

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    This thread will save lives. And soon.
  27. tx 3 putt

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    I think we need to prepare for a mass rush of zombies, in the thousands. We'll be more than covered when it comes to strays or small groups, but I'm more worried of a mass rush.

    M-60's ?

    I think some sort of fire defense would work great also.
  28. Gate_of_Horn

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    It just occurred to me that Huntsville is not too far from here. Might be possible to take over the prison for the short term. It's already built to most applicable specifications.
  29. TexasDan

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    Field expedient claymore mines.

    Pretty simple to make and hang at chest height. Couple hundred bearings per should shred some zombie skulls.

    I'm more worried about supplying such a large group of people. I mean, what is the raw numbers for food and water per person, per day? Easiest place to get and easiest way to move?

    We need some logistics knowledge. We live in Texas, so the guns and killing part is pretty-much covered.
  30. Math Mudrat

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    There is a 1.1 MW TRIGA MkII nuclear reactor operated by our own beloved University at the Pickle Research Campus. Although not used to generate power, I am confident that we could modify parts to provide a rudimentary electrical system.

    The reactor building was designed with heavy, locking doors for both security and contamination prevention. These would provide safety from the zombie hordes and roving bands of survivors bent on looting our supplies. Proper irradiation could also prolong the lifetime of our foodstuffs.

    There is also a full machine shop which can be used to produce spare parts for vehicles, weapons, etc, provided we have a qualified machinist.

    Also at Pickle, there is a UTPD station which would could be looted for weapons. It is within easy driving distance of anywhere in Austin.

    Once we reach a comfortable level of security, the other laboratory facilities at Pickle could be used to study our enemy, perhaps resulting in a cure. Knowledge we gain from these zombie studies will expose unknown zombie weaknesses and increase our lethality.

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