How you like them apples aggy neighbor?????

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by biganakhanhda, Jun 21, 2012.

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    So about a year ago, an aggy moved into the house next to my parents. From the start, the aggy was trouble already. When he called TWC out to install his tv and internet, the idiot installer when he climbed the tower to do his thang, he noticed that our line didn't have a sticker on there to indicate whether we get our internet, only, legally or not, decided to disconnect our service when he didn't see one. I went out and confronted the moron and asked him and demanded he reconnect it now. I showed the idiot our latest statement and the last three consecutive months, still the moron said I would have to call TWC and deal with them. I called and raised hell to TWC (we only have TWC bc they're the fastest provider available in the area) and all they did for me was sent another tech out 2 days later to reconnect it. If my folks didn't need internet for my younger siblings, I would've cancelled their service and deal with ****** dsl as DTV is the provider for tv.

    Now, a few weeks ago, the aggy decided to display his pride for the moroon and white and put up a house flag of the moroon and white. Well son......let me remind you who owns Texas and this hood...Texas does and we do. So dad, being the landscaper he is, framed both sides of his lawn with one side being Vietnam (we're Vietnamese, YELLOW PRIDE!!!!!) and the other side being Texas a few years back (06 I wanna say). Vietnam's side is planted with the colors of the Vietnamese flag. He wanted to plant Bluebonnets on the Texas side, but I told him, no, lets do Roses instead to remind us of VY's greatness in the Rose Bowl in back to back years.

    To show the aggy up, I bought him a Texas garden flag a few weeks ago and planted it where ATX would be in addition to the Texas flag we already had up flying around year round.

    Yall rikey?????

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    Excellent. And if you ever decide to change out the plantings, let me suggest a hibiscus called Carolina Breeze. It's about as close to a true burnt orange as you'll get.
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    I'll pass the word to the old man. We've seen a few roses that are close too. I would say it is time for a color update.
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    Classic!!! Me rikey... [​IMG]
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    "Most Excellent" [​IMG]
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    You may want to install an electric fence so he doesn't try to sneak over late at night to "saw the horns off" with a felt marker.
    Never trust aggy to be reasonable.
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    Good stuff

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    Velly cool!
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    bevo barry says
    biganakhanhda's parents
    Put tool in his place!
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    Excellent! Just don't mess with his Gran Torino [​IMG]
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    All kinds of badass with that. Well done.
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    Greatness! [​IMG]
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    I rike the garden
    Rove the Texas garden flag
    Raugh at poor aggy
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    Now I'm craving Vietnamese soup....awesome landscape job.

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    So this morning I came over to visit my folks. The old man bought a new entertainment center, or so I thought it was new, turns out, he bought it from the aggy during his yard sale.

    I went over and chatted with him and his wife while their yard sale was still active. Very nice couple, I told him the reason my old man put up that garden flag was because I saw him put his atm flag up a few weeks ago.

    All in good fun and he knew that. Same age as I am, his wife went to the same HS as I but I never knew her, she was a year younger. He went to another HS within the district.

    He said he was for the move to the $EC and admitted it was a move to get away from big brother. He said he hope to one day have Texas play atm in the natty, I told him...don't get your hopes up, as we'll be at the party, not sure if yall would, or at least in our

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    That is an awesome display!

    You represent very well.
    Tell your Dad " [​IMG] '

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