Hypothetical situation with Vince Young

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Hornyboy1, May 6, 2007.

  1. Spankytoes

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    I'm married with two kids. But, if VY tells me to leave them for him...the child support payments are in the mail. It is NOT a good idea to oppose VY.

    P.S. I could give a rats *** if he was gay. It isn't going to diminish the fact that he was the greatest college player ever.
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  3. pk-horn

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    This thread is disturbing on so many levels not the least of which being Spankytoes hypothetical pledge to leave his family to follow some nascent homoerotic crush he has for VY.
  4. Theo Huxtable

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    If VY were gay, would that make my man crush on him a little gayer?
  5. VYFan

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    Sorry, I think it's a dumb thread. Basically, you are asking either (1) whether people's opinions about being homosexual would be different if a famous athlete they knew was homosexual. Answer: No, everyone already has an established position, although particularly mean-spirited gay haters might be softened a bit. or (2) would you think less of Vince if he was gay, and that is a repeat of question one, since those who generally disfavor homosexuality would obviously think less of him, and those who have no reaction to it whatsoever would have no reaction whatsoever.
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    The easy way for a person to test their reaction would be to ask what they would think if Vince came out to say, "I have never been sexually attracted to men, I don't understand how anyone could do that, I think it is weird, I think it is a wrong and tragic choice, and I intend to influence my children not to be homosexual for these reasons." Would that change your opinion of Vince?
  7. po elvis

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    i would be crushed.

    so crushed that i would get the tattoo of his naked body removed from my butt.
  8. Anastasis

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    If VY were gay, his partner would be the first case report of male pregnancy. That's just how potent his seed is.
  9. longhornmatt

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    The Constitution would be amended so that heterosexual marriage was outlawed.

    Rainbows would be replaced with the Bad MF Wallet as the new gay symbol.

    Volkswagens and Miatas would be the new "muscle cars."

    More women would be lesbians, but lesbians would no longer be cool, even if they are hot.

    Johnson & Johnson would become the largest, most profitable corporation in the world due to an exponential increase in K-Y Jelly sales.

    OU would still suck.
  10. HoosierHorn

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    my signed VPY Titans jersey would be worth a lot more...
  11. hornfanuk

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  12. Hornin Hong Kong

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    wouldnt care at all.
  13. bozo_casanova

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    Is it just me, or is this the most awesome off season thread concept ever?

    Seriously- What if Vince Young was gay?

    I bet aggy would get all up in arms about how Reggie was gayer.
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    You are all wrong.

    Vince Young can never be gay.

    Why? Because if Vince Young were to announce that he were homosexual then we would immediately begin calling homosexuals straight and heterosexuals gay.

    For this reason and this reason alone, The Church of Vince Young is very disappointed in this thread. Hey, TCVY. Has a nice ring to it.
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    We are all dumber for having read the original post.
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    I don't care who he fucks as long it includes the competition. And thats how I feel about homosexuality in general, it's not my business who someone else fucks.
  17. jcazes

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    I feel like a damn aggy responding to this thread.

  18. BA93

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  19. zork

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    My question is why the need to include a specific longhorn hero in the question? Would the effect not be the same if it was "generic all star NFL player"? This thread is how rumors start.

    If anyone is gay and wants to announce it to the world it should be that person who decides to do so, not someone else making that decision for him/her.

    Notice the original post did not say "my school", only "my state" , the post wreaks of aggy.

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    What if gay had VY? Would that make 'gay' any less gay? Would it detract from it's overall gayness or gay-osity?

  21. MissingInAction

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    I in turn would become gay and ask VInce out on a date. I would have no problem being a stay at home partner. Even if it is in Memphis or Nashville or wherever.
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    This thread and 7 homemade beers made me thing about another hypothetical- I'm from East Dallas and I think Sergio Kindle represents Lakewood pretty well.

    But I was thinking the other day and came up with this: one day he holds a presser out of the blue and announces that he's actually an adorable little kitten. How would you react? Would it be shocking? Exciting? Strange? Uphauling? Would you want to stroke him under the chin and tease him with a piece of string? Just come out and say it.

    Personally, I'd be kind of weirded out by a sweet little baby kitty playing LB for the Texas Longhorns but it wouldn't change my positive opinion. I'm not worried, and there's no doubt he isn't a kitten- but I was just wondering how you people on this board would react. I think it would be easy to find humor in a little cat that plays football with all those big men. Please don't flame me, this is just a hypothetical, and an interesting one at that.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    First, agree this is perhaps the dumbest thread ever. Second, it seems to be established that no one would give a ****. However, here's some food for thought. How would texags (for example) react if a star aggy player came out of the closet?

    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts

    Re: aggy coming 'out' of the closet:

    If he were an active / current player, he'd probably find himself replacing the outhouse come mid November.

  26. TexasTower

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    It is testament to the offseason that a poster with less than 25 posts named Hornyboy asking about VY being gay gets three pages of posts. [​IMG]

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