I present to HF: Raptor Jesus

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by MissingInAction, Oct 8, 2007.

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    I thought i was pretty clear that I can take a good blasphemous joke, but simply being offensive for the sake of being offensive doesn’t equal funny. Most of the posters on this thread agree. Read...........for............comprehension...........

    I guess your feelings are hurt that everyone isn’t rolling on the floor whenever a religious icon is mocked in an unimaginative stupid manner.
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    Raptor Jesus ate my balls.

    Mr T vs Raptor Jesus!

    I can has raptor jesus?
  4. kangsta

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    I really don't see it as "mocking a religious icon" for "the sake of being offensive."

    I see it as a joke. I think people get offended too easily. It's a freakin dinosaur head on a drawing that wasn't really that funny, but the thread was funny.

    No need to label everyone who wasn't offended to their self righteous core as stupid
  5. I_Live_In_OK

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    As opposed to just good, or damn good, this thread apparently is really damn good.
  6. KaiserSoze

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    Coming to Esthers and complaining about _anything_ on this board ... that it offended you or you consider it a personal attack is like going to The Onion and complaining to them that they offended/attacked you.
  7. MissingInAction

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    Sweet fuckin raptor jesus! It's a god damn dinasaur head on a jesus body. I find it ******* awesome, and thought I'd share it's incredibleness with Esther's.
    This is esther's, bitching about something being stupid or offensive here is like bitching about the heat in TExas.
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    Kind of an aside, but just a little reminder (since I haven't seen the full name even once on here) that raptor is just short for velociraptor, the dino's actual name.
    I'm sure y'all already know that there is an actual full raptor word (a bird of prey), but I fear youngins who have only heard Raptor referring to velociraptors will miss that.
    Jurassic Park is by far the most responsible for this. The Toronto Raptors (who chose to use a velociraptor for their logo/mascot) are second.
    How about just using an apostrophe, as in 'raptor?

    Some may think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but whatever.
  9. MissingInAction

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    What the f**khead?! This isn't quacks. Either laugh at this retarded **** or don't. It really isn't that big a deal, and I don't care.
    It's mutha fuckin Raptor Jesus, and he's got an uzi.
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    I wish Raptor Jesus' lamb had a Raptor head too-- or maybe a Triceratops head.
  11. KaiserSoze

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    Look what I found...

  12. Beamwalker

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    Its not offensive, its just not funny. It is, in fact, stupid. This is what you get when there is an infinite amount of space that people can put whatever retarded idea that comes into their heads. Its great because the internet comes up with some pretty funny stupid stuff, but then again it comes up with some really not funny stupid stuff.
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    The original comic wasn't funny, but all this hoopla and the sure to be oncoming subsequent inside jokes sure are.

    I look forward to seeing raptor heads plastered over every photo from now on. [​IMG]
  15. PipFunatUT

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    this thread has become funny... watching the people that is...
  16. KaiserSoze

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    Esther's Follies content is not about judgement... if this was T-Rex Coach Fran you judgemental religious followers would not be getting all bent out of shape. It seems that Jesus' teachings bring out the worst in his own people.
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  18. KaiserSoze

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    damn... and you caught it before my edit too!
  19. MissingInAction

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    So, let's talk about the immaculate conception of raptor jesus. Were mary and joseph dinosaurs, or is god dinosaur?Which half supplied the Raptor genes? Or was Mary befallen by some frisky raptors?
  20. TexasHooch

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    Offensive and funny as ****

    Offensive but not particularly funny

    funny but not offensive

    Not funny and not offensive, just stupid.

    Raptor Jesus is Pauly Shore.
  21. Beamwalker

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    Dude, take that back. BioDome was funny. Stupid, but funny. This is neither funny nor offensive but just stupid. Raptor Jesus = weekly celebrity magazines. Pointless, not funny, and make everyone who sees it dumber for having done so. We really need negative stars for **** like this.
  22. TexasHooch

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    Ok so even Pauly > Raptor Jesus.

    How about [​IMG]



  23. KaiserSoze

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    I wish Raptor Jesus was my father.
  24. MissingInAction

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    Comparing Raptor Jesus to carrot top? Hello Armageddon.
  25. KaiserSoze

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    Raptor Jesus vs. the 1985 Chicago Bears.
  26. KaiserSoze

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    After he wins... does he spike the football? You're god damn right he does... and then he spikes every player on the field.
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    The funny part of this thread are the posters high fiving themselves about getting under the Creationists' skin. There has yet to be a post by anyone saying that they are even remotely offended. The majority consensus is that the line of "comedy" is just plain stupid. Am I missing something?

    Here, I'll throw you a bone as a Creationsist...

    Please don't make fun of Jesus! My faith is being shattered by this thread and it makes me not want to love one another. I will pray for you and hope that God enters your hearts someday.

    Nah, I'll just say "f**khead it" and let you giggle for a while. Maybe someone will get truely offended so that your e-peen can be satisified.

    Oh, and uh...God bless?
  28. KaiserSoze

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    A scarifice for Raptor Jesus....

  29. locohorn93

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    Hey, I found it. Yea.
    It was probably because
    I was inverted.
  30. MissingInAction

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    I could care less what mythology you believe in. I found a picture of your lord and savior with a dino head on him hilarious.

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