I present to HF: Raptor Jesus

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by MissingInAction, Oct 8, 2007.

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    some people are aholes just to be aholes.
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    Since there is so much debate as to the humor or raptor jesus, I will share why I find him funny.
    I find creationism in and of itself hysterical, that people actually believe in it even more funny, and raptor jesus is the first time I have seen this unintentional humor put in art form.
    With the exception of the flying spaghetti entity.
    Holy crap can you imagine an armageddon like battle between raptor jesus and the spaghetti entity? Would dino god have an army of raptors to back him up?
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    I find it funny because of how ridiculous it is. The first time I saw it I didn't think much of it an continued on to other threads. The 2nd time I saw it I found the "Sucks to be Judas, lol." comment pretty funny... then the beginning of it totally reminded me of the Land Shark skit from SNL... combine that with the fact that he just runs around yelling "RAAARRR!!", playing hockey, taunting Star Wars characters, etc. and all of a sudden its ridiculousness turned into humor.

    I don't care about the creationist/other aspect of it... that's not what I read into it at all... I wasn't looking to be offended but it appears that some were.

    May Raptor Jesus bless you.

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    The Dude does not abide.
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    So... how'd this work out for you?
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    MIA has given up on Raptor Jesus, because Raptor Jesus has given up on him.
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    The Natty-loving raptor-scientist was always my favorite.

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