If you leave your shopping cart...

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Uncle Rico, Jan 30, 2008.

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    if that was the only place they were encountered, great. When you're in the store, and some bumblefuck leaves the cart in the space next to you, and it gets blown, pushed or whatever into your car and busts your light, or scratches you up, it's a different story.
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    That's true, I won't deny it, but this thread seems to be more about "putting things back where they belong" than it does pragmatism. I just don't view people's personal shopping cart return policy as a petri dish of society's common courtesy.
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    cart attendants get paid $15/ hour? wow!
  4. I agree, you deserved to be punched in the face if you leave the cart in the middle of the parking lot. Especially if the wind is blowing like a mofo! Those carts can easily get up to 3 mph before it crashes into a side door!
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    I've had my side front dented by a shopping cart and seen one at Albertsons roll full force into a door causing significant damage (sadly, a couple of teens were standing next to victims car and did nothing to stop cart).

    the store really needs to assign someone to continually retrieve carts, just for the sake of avoiding damage claims.
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    I'm in favor of changing the signs at the cart return place from:

    "Thank You for Returning Your Cart!"


    "Don't be a ******* Lazy ***, Return Your Cart"
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    I also take no active role in my kids life. Even though they are not in school yet, I complain to the school system all that time that they are doing a bad job. Also, sometimes I will steal a shopping cart and leave it in the middle of a school parking lot. I once watched it for 5 minutes. In that time it totaled 3 cars and knocked out 12 car lights ON WIND POWER ALONE!!!! After that I dropped a deuce in the kindergarten water fountain and made McKenzie S. clean it up because according to the board she was water fountain monitor for the day.
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    That wasn't funny, like, at all.
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    now don't go get your panties in a bunch and get all "girl in an argument" overboard defensive just because the mob doesn't agree with your behavior. No one said you were a bad parent or didn't take any interest in their lives. They just said you were lazy as f**khead.
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    alright.. so I've got to chime in... while reading this I was going to ask Shinola about the restaurant deal assuming that few asshats ever just leave their **** when there are convenient trash cans everywhere... wow... not good dude... and the righteous indignation is worse...

    at any rate, grocery stores are one thing... bad enough with the carts.... but what drives me up a ******* wall 10x worse is the lots at Home Depot and Lowes.... holy **** there are carts everywhere... those big ******* lumber carriers... the flat beds for landscaping.... TERRIBLE.
    And these things CAN do a lot more damage than grocery store carts, not to mention make parking worse than it already is, and contrary to the grocery store I'm often taking out heavier items from these places by hand that make me want to park closer. I always return my cart/flatbed what have you from the hardware store after unloading because I can't stand them being in the parking lot and they are usually impossible to find in the store anyway.

    What I want to know is, since when were corporations responsible for paying for us consumers to be discurteous to each other? Really?
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    I put my cart back but the righteous indignation here is hilarious.

    Save that **** for the important things in life like why UTs defense has been so ******.

    I do like the "nuclear bomb to the face" idea though.
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    I used to work at Best Buy when I first started college to help pay my way through. I worked in the back (inventory dept) and one of my jobs was to go out and "wrangle" the carts periodically through my shift. I'll tell you right now, just because of having to do that for a couple of years, I NEVER leave my cart in the parking lot now. Nothing sucks worse than being paid $8/hr to go and get carts rain/shine/snow. Nothing will make you more realize how respectful it is to return the carts to the cart bin until you wrangle carts. IT SUCKS.
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    "Cart wrangling." Very nice. I love the image that this phrase conjures up.

    And I'm with the nuclear bomb to the face crowd. Put your cart away.
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    If I have my two kids (1 and 3) with me. My personal preference is to put them in the car first thing. Why, cause one is in the cart and one is holding my hand. Soon as I start unloading the groceries one is in a weighted cart that I am not holding on to, and the other is not holding my hand. Sure the 3 year should know not to run into traffic, but not everything you do should be a lesson in darwinism. Also, don't like the little one smelling exhaust (i can handle being called neurotic when it comes to my kids).
    I put them in the car, and buckle them up otherwise they will get into everything. Then I unload the groceries and look for a cart repository. Occasionally I don't see one close by (by close by I mean to the point where I can walk to it and still see my kids), I put it somewhere else. Curb, parking space divider thing, or with a group of other carts that are just sitting (probably from the last time I was there, since I am the only one in the world who does it). Not like I am just pushing it down the parking lot. The alternative is getting my kids back out, or walking away from them (f**khead that, I can secure it good enough to that it is not going anywhere in the 5 minutes it will be until a "cart wrangler" comes out to get it.

    Congratulations to all the parents who would never ever ever ever do this. You level of dedication to grocery store parking lot maintenance is admirable, but the ones talking **** are just sad. I am a lazy f**khead and the problem with this country, because I don't secure my shopping cart to your liking, please. I hope you see me do it one day and stroke out, then I can dream of your family cheering at your funeral cause your miserable *** is dead.
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    Not Shinola = Roseanne Barr
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    When are you guys going to realize you are arguing with an aggie? I would let it go.
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    When I was young, my grandfather made me put away all the carts around his truck. When I asked why we did it, he said "so our truck doesn't get dinged and so other people don't get dinged."

    It took one minute.

    It saved my grandfather and others money in paint and body repair.

    I think I can spare a minute...
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    What would be great is while Superior to Other Humans Aggy is purchasing his weekly ration of pig's feet, pork rinds, and swirled peas, the Committee for Ethical Parking Lot Behavior surrounds his vehicle with 584 grocery carts, locked together with plastic wire ties, and videotapes his reaction upon discovery. That would be justice at its finest.
    Not that I would advocate any such action, of course.

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