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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Hayden_Horn, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Hayden_Horn

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    so i'm at schlotsky's finishing up my lunch. all finished, i throw away my trash and get in line to get more iced tea. well, as i'm waiting a woman is taking forever to choose between the sweetened jar of tea and the unsweetened.

    i'm not patient by nature, but i don't want to be rude and cut in front of her.

    well, she makes her choice, and then moves over to the lemons. i get my tea and again wait for her.

    this woman is ridiculous, picking and choosing the lemon wedges to slip in her tea. she must have been standing there for up to minutes. ridiculous.

    so i farted.

    and not one of those nice fart - it was a silent, "i-drank-5-icehouse-tallboys-last-night" numbers that smelled like rotten eggs and moldy cheese blended together.

    as she caught her first whiff, i could see her nostils widen. when it hit with her with full force, she shot me a dirty look and moved away quickly.

    i win.
  2. Phil Hellmuth

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    Hayden Horn- 1 point
    tea lady- 0 points
  3. judgroybeanbag

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    Was it the Schlotzkys at Balcones Woods Dr.? Because my sandwich tasted like **** today.
  4. Traffic

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    You should have tea bagged her.
  5. stillaphlopin

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    I will keep this in mind for the next time I'm at the bar waiting in line for a beer.
  6. TrashMaster G

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    Are you able to call on this special skill at will? Are you one of the new Heroes?
  7. Mrmyke709

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    I just voted this thread "allsome".

    Never underestimate the power of flatulence when dealing with social ingrates.

    DCA_HORN 500+ Posts

    Brilliant! I had this same lady in front of me at Jason's Deli today. I wish I had the same gift as you. I probably would have just crop dusted though.
  9. hookem2102

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    The old dirty bomb suprise attack
    well done sir.
  10. miguelito

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  11. HornsN04

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    well done. [​IMG]
  12. LongIslandIceSIP

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    allsome. i tried to do that one time but i sharted.
  13. Hayden_Horn

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  16. next2naus

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    I'm not awarding any points as you waited till the lemon station when you could have cleared her out at the tea station.
  17. atxbaby

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    but did you give her the "yeah *****, i am the one who just deployed that missile" look??
  18. TXSooner518

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    I award you the Purple Fart for valor in combat. Godspeed.
  19. GreenDragonSix

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    f**khead Yeah Hayden! [​IMG] [​IMG]


    GHOST HORN 100+ Posts

    i did that today in the movie theatre. wanted to give myself some more space.
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