I'm done with Tim Beck

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by hookemhorns99, Oct 21, 2017.

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    Ha, yep that's it. I remember that one, too.
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    I think Albania was the country in Wag the Dog as well?
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    I dont mind the idea of a full time recruiter as an assistant, esp since it seems Carrington is doing a great job (he is on relatively low salary and would have become a target to steal with the great 2018 class) . And Giles clearly needs the help with DL recruiting.
    But .... none of that would solve the play calling/play design issues. We do so much dumb stuff on offense its amazing we made it as far as we did. I sometimes still have nightmares of us rolling a QB to the short side with no receiver in the area
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    I didn't see that. Too busy watching Cheers reruns.
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    That is greatness^
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    So after signing day does he go back to his old position and mazzone moves over to basically be what jay norvell was to Shawn Watson a safety net of the bottom falls out?
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    So Herman hired a former OC and HC candidate as quality a control coach. Saban does this sort of thing regularly, hires coordinators for QC positions.


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    I'm hoping he can help Giles by getting some defensive lineman.
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    As I watched the 2nd quarter of the Patriots game today, I couldn’t help but think about our play-calling. Granted, Brady is a Hall-of-Fame NFL QB with an outstanding line in front of him, but aside from an occasional long pass or run, NE basically worked their way down the field with 7-10 yard passes to receivers, TEs and running backs. Just quick, short passes, with the ball coming out usually in just over two seconds.

    What a novel idea...
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    To be clear, I think Beck deserves more time and I am not on this bandwagon to fire him. However it is interesting that whoever coached Brady in college did such a masterful job that Brady was 6th or 7th round draft choice and not the first player chosen even though you can argue that he is the greatest pro QB ever. Perhaps he was a late bloomer.
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    For the average fan watching on TV it is hard to know how much blame to put on Beck because this offensive line has so many holes and that can mask a lot of other problems. And how much is on Tom?

    However, some of the playcalling and personnel issues are pretty glaring. Perhaps a comparison of the success of “coaching up” the players on offense vs that of the defense is the best review. Remember last year when the defensive players were great athletes but had poor technique? They have been coached up very well. I still see a lot of room for improvement for some very good athletes on offense, especially in the mental game.

    There needs to be intensity in practice every day to impact change in young players. I have seen clips of Saban in practice and he is a model of intense coaching down to the slightest of fundamentals. Does Beck have the fire in his belly for this level of coaching, or is he too laid back? This is sometimes the difference because typically there is not that big of a gap in football knowledge among most D-1 coaches. Great coaches are always on their game, getting into their players faces to make them better. It really is a game of inches.
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    Mazzone will probably go to Arizona with Summy Bear

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