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    This thread was too lame for OU-Weekend.
    I decline. Take a mulligan for it.

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    I'm very skeptical of a private school attributing their unique approach to the game as a means for winning. They are private school that plays in a very poor conference (combined record is 14-23-1). The claim that they don't recruit? I've never known a private school that values athletics that doesn't recruit.

    This guy is the Mike Leach equivalent to HS football.
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    I'm assuming this is the same guy who's been in the news in the past with the no-kick philosophy. I actually don't have a problem with that idea, but my guess is that it's pretty dependent on having a really good squad going in. I would not recommend the "no-punt" strategy for our current offense, for example. [​IMG]

    Now the idea of getting to the games 45 minutes early and their whole pre-game strategy... I love that. I think it absolutely makes sense, so long as you're really comfortable that your bus isn't going to break down!
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    For it be worth it to go for it on 4th down *always*, one would have to have a giant schematic and/or talent edge over the opponent such that one would succeed the majority of the time punting as well. Either the team's offense or defense, if not both, has to be dramatically above average for that to payoff.

    Even more so for onside kicks. If the other team knows its coming, they are rarely successful. For it to pay off to onside kick every last time, you have to have a big advantage over the opponent such that you can recovery an unusually high number of them. Either that or you have the crappiest kicker in the state.
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    Imagine this: with our offense, we should bring back the quick kick on second or third down.
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    I've often wondered about the Pirates strategy of going for it on 4th. Doing the math, an average of 2.5 for four plays may be "easier" to accomplish than 3.33 yards for 3 plays.

    I don't claim to know for sure, but I do tend to dislike the "Cause that's what we do, and that's how everyone does it" excuse.
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    The assumption that a Kickoff Return usually gets to the 35yd line in HS is patently false. Each Friday I regularly see the HS kickers get the kickoff inside the 10 so unless the coverage team is absolutely horrible they should be able to get to the returner regularly before the 25yd line.

    That's what I don't buy...the numbers this guy is using are twisted to suit his argument.

    He's had 5 D-1A athletes in 6 years including 2 that ended up at Arkansas.

    So...bad conference + D-1A talent compensates for some bad strategic decisions.
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    Ron Meyer's SMEW teams never traveled the night before a game, from what his tv show stated. They arrived in town that morning - to give the team a sense of "today is gameday" attitude. From the time they landed to the time they were taped etc it was all bidness. No standing around a lobby etc
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    I sure wouldn't be upset if we chose not to attempt any more field goals this season.

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