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    Are you claiming that John Quincy Adams was among the original framers of the United States Constitution?
  3. Seattle Husker

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    My bad. His father was a framer. Think he may have been influenced by him?
  4. OrangeShogun

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    Keep trying. :lmao:
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    Dan McLaughlin at National Review agrees and wrote a pretty good explanation for it. Link.

    Honestly, I'm not totally sure. It's a question I had never really thought about. You don't usually expect a president to do anything impeachable after the election. My guess is that it's an issue the Supreme Court would leave up to the Senate to decide.
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    I think the Congress should continually impeach Trump for 4 straight years. Impeachment after impeachment. It would make the country a better place.
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    Once should suffice, with Senate conviction. That would send a message that this POTUS behavior was not acceptable and our country is more important than any single candidate or party. Accountability is important and there is no doubt that absent Trump's rhetoric 1/6 would not have occurred.

    Trump also doesn't deserve the fringe benefits of being an former POTUS. $250/yr, $1M travel stipend, etc... he's needs to give all that up. Despite the upcoming attempts by the right to rehabilitate his reputation (read: McCarthy's statements to the House GOP), impeachment will cement Trump's place in history.
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    Trump versus "country" is not in question. Trump versus election cheating is the debate.
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    [QUOTE="UTChE96, post: 1804287, member: 2681"Don't expect to have many press conferences without multiple questions about Trump and impeachment. It's such a huge unforced error by Pelosi. I really do question her intelligence at this point.[/QUOTE]

    Wait...Biden was planning on having press conferences where he actually answered questions? When was this going to occur?
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  10. mb227

    mb227 2,500+ Posts do realize that JQA was a kid when the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were drafted, right? He was ALSO opposed to the ratification of the Constitution.
  11. Garmel

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    Somehow it's controversial to say that there was election fraud. It's amazing how Idiocracy is coming to life.
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  12. Seattle Husker

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  13. huisache

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    If I was as ardent a Democrat as once I was I would say drop the whole impeachment thing. He is gone in a week.

    If he is impeached and convicted he is barred from running again. Given that it is unlikely that the Dems can muster the votes to impeach or convict it is a waste of time.

    But from a tactical standpoint, why would they want to?

    If Trump remains eligible to run then he will. Even given his age he will run in 2024 and for every election until he is departed. And what a choice that will leave Republicans. The sane ones will want no part of him whereas the lemmings will line up to do what they see as God's work. And there will be schisms in the GOP as long as he is sucking up air. Is that not to be preferred? If you are a Democrat first and patriot second?

    But I doubt the average Democrat will see the wisdom of following this path. They are so hate obsessed they cannot see straight.

    And so, the Republicans will be denied their shot at having their own William Jennings Bryan.
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  14. nashhorn

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    On that I completely agree. One might say ‘blinded by hate’, that’s why all the “unify” words are hollow and false.
  15. UTChE96

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    Cocaine Mitch now supporting impeachment. I'm surprised. This feels like a trick.
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  16. horninchicago

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    He really is?

    :e-eyes: :e-poo:
  17. nashhorn

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    If he is there is some background story. What was he given/promised. Our Govt is so corrupt I no longer trust anything or anyone in Wash.
  18. Seattle Husker

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    I think he may have found his conscience but I'm biased.
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  19. UTChE96

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  20. horninchicago

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  21. nashhorn

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    I’ve told you from the beginning, Trump is not a member of the political system therefore he is disposed by all that are in it. Not in my cult, not in my club, how can I eliminate you. Going to be real hard for any outsider to ever break through again.
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  22. nashhorn

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    Meant despised, sorry.
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  23. Seattle Husker

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    Jokes on you, sadly. At the 2016 Republican National Convention Trump said "Nobody knows the system better than me. Which is why I alone can fix it."

    He said that because as he's admitted multiple times, he's the guy that would BUY the politician. So the question I the politician that is beholden to donors the problem or the donor themselves? I'm not absolving the politicians but allowing the donor class into the white house was allowing the fox direct access to the hen house. It was the height of absurdity to think DJT would change the system which he's proven to be more corrupt than any POTUS since Nixon.

  24. 2003TexasGrad

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    You do know Trump never accepted the Presidential salary while in office right? Such a bad orange man!
  25. Seattle Husker

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    Yeah, I also know his almost every weekend trips to one of his resorts cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars too so that more than offset the $1M he donated.

    Yes, I remember conservatives here complaining that Obama's vacations and golf outings had cost tax payers $100M over his 8 years, a figure surpassed in 1 year by Trump.
  26. 2003TexasGrad

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    Obama made plenty of trips AND took the salary. :catfight:
  27. mchammer

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  28. horninchicago

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    Just can't make this **** up.
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  29. Garmel

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    It's a liberal/RINO clown show. It's what you should expect.
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  30. humahuma

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    Insane government, voting tonight.

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