Impressions of Opposing Fan Bases--Old and New

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    A few flippant tongue-in-cheek personal observations. These stereotypes are all in good fun on a Longhorn board, so don't get your panties in a wad...

    TCU--Rich kids who drive BMWs and snort much of their daddy's $ up their noses. Generally nice/friendly. Definitely not hostile. Pretty good tailgating. Gorgeous co-eds.

    SMU--See TCU, without the "generally nice" or good tailgating parts. They peg the meter on snob appeal. Couldn't get into Pepperdine.

    Tech--Rowdy, tortilla-throwing drunks. Big and dangerous home field advantage where strange things happen, the ball bounces in weird ways, etc.

    Baylor--Sanctimonious, self-righteous Baptists. Disturbing rape culture that is vehemently denied. Also see SMU (although, unlike SMU, a decent portion of their co-eds are very large women). Under the delusion that Grant Teaff was as great as DKR.

    Houston--Classless louts who don't deserve their teams' historical successes. Fair weather fans.

    Rice--Fan base, what fan base? Egg-headed brainiacs. Could beat you at chess. Very few in number.

    A&M--Country bumpkins and suburbanites who pretend to be country bumpkins. Cultish and weird. Bizarre acts in the stands by their "Corps". Blind irrational hatred for UT.

    Arkansas--Hostile out-of-staters. Toothless cousin-marrying rednecks.

    OU--See Arkansas above.

    West Virginia--See Arkansas above but not so hostile. Couch burners.

    Ohio State--Very hostile--even violent. You'd have to go to an English or South American football (soccer) match, or up the road 100 miles to Cleveland, to find a more hostile/violent fan base. Couch burners. Co-eds often outweigh our offensive linemen. Their fans seem to understand the game well though. Very passionate about the game.

    USC--A giant SMU with an excellent football program located in South Central Los Angeles. Arrogant. Tendency to mistake their top-5 historical program status for a clear and undisputed number 1--offended if anyone suggests otherwise. Smokin' hot co-eds. Good/catchy songs played by band (Tribute to Troy, Fight On). Fans show up late to games.

    LSU--Rabid, fanatical, drunk, and excellent tailgating cooks. Hot (and easy) co-eds. I like these folks (I hope my opinion remains the same after we play them again the next few times).

    Kansas State--Real nice bunch of folks. Cheer for their team, but they don't hate their opponents (maybe KU).

    OSU--We share a common rival. Fans like to wear boots. Nothing else really stands out to me about this fanbase.

    KU--Care about basketball. Barely care at all about football. Nothing else distinctive.

    ISU--See Kansas State above. Genuine small town and country types.

    Nebraska--See Kansas State, except they grew to dislike UT after we beat them so many times (they were used to being the top dog, or co-top dog with OU in the Big 8 days). Whiny. False sense of persecution. Vehement denials of their well-known history of cheating and steroids. Still nice people though.

    Notre Dame--Cool traditions. Great band. Nuns in the stands=slightly strange/creepy. Same center-of-the-universe view of themselves as USC. Notre Dame students and alums=generally good. Random fan who has never been to Notre Dame but likes them just because his ancestors were from Ireland=not so good.

    Colorado--Stoned. Show up late to games. Cool mascot.
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  2. BevoJoe

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    An intellectual exchange with a random aggy:

    aggy: "Whar'd yew go ta skoo?

    Horn: UT

    aggy: Yew Tee? How da yew spell that?

    Horn: T-H-A-T
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  3. Ajo Macho

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    I've heard the same joke this way:

    aggy: "Wut skool does ya go too?"
    bulldog: "Yale."
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  4. Crockett

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    I have a pretty positive impression of opposing fan bases.
    Nebraska was incredibly hospitable and magnanimous ... when they were always winning. Can't believe it when calls don't go their way.
    OU Fans run the gamut ... wealthy oilmen, lawyers, teachers and hot co-eds to toothless t-shirt fans who save up all year to get a nosebleed seat in the for one non-competitive game against Louisiana Tech. Very partisan. Want pass interference every time a throw falls incomplete.
    Aggies, so proud, so comically proud. Some are obnoxious. Most are the kind of folks I like for neighbors and colleagues.
  5. chango

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    What I've also found about ou fans is that very few of them ever attended the school.
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  6. BevoJoe

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    I’ve found the same thing.
  7. Crockett

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    Oklahoma Football is pretty much the biggest sport in the state. Maybe within OKC the Thunder is co-equal, but there is a lot of state pride vested in a program that gave the state something to crow about after the Dust Bowl and Depression. As a high schooler from Cooke County Texas I used to go north to stack square baled alfalfa on semi trucks for local dairy farmers in places like Velma, Pauls Valley and Maysville Oklahoma. It didn't take long to figure out those tractor driving Oklahoma farmers loved them some OU football.
  8. Chop

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    Interesting stuff. I guess the OSU Cowboys don't hold the hearts of the rural folks in Oklahoma like OU does after all...? I couldn't say. I've known many OU grads and 1 OSU grad. As most in our great state know, OU grads like to move to Texas--much more than OSU.

    I can't seem to get my finger on the OSU fan base (and humorous tongue-in-cheek stereotypes thereof).
  9. SabreHorn

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    oSu's largest alumni chapter is Houston, second is Dallas. Houston is now the home of Conoco, which owns oSu. West Houston is full of oSu grads, but while I know hundreds, go to church with many, they are a different "cut" than Sooners. They do take pride in their athletic teams, but are not the win or die types from Norman.
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  10. AC

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    I am a Houston business owner, entrepreneur. So I am friends with lots of other business owner, entreprenuers, especially Oil and Gas. I have several Aggie friends, and one of my closest friends in the Industry is an OSU grad. Great guy, breaks the stereotypical mold. My favorite of my entrepreneur friends is a Texas State Bobcat Alumn. Strangely, I have met 0 business owners that I can recall that are UT alumns in my Industry. I may be forgetting a couple but they don't cross paths with me. Mostly, it's Aggies. A few LSU. Generally, I like LSU alumns. I have had good experience with OSU alumns (Ohio State, Not Oklahoma State). No issue with TCU, KSU, Tech alumns. The one I have issues with in Houston is consistently Aggie. They think they know 10 times more than they do, and the few that are really successful cheated their way to the top. I got screwed by one of their richest Alumns. Ha, jokes on him, he has no idea how much money were going to cost him! Just took away a huge account from him this week! Oh, and I agree with Sabrehorn, Oklahoma State alumns are good people. I have several Oklahoma State friends. No OU alumn friends.
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  11. HornHuskerDad

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    Oklahoma fans are the most obnoxious bunch I've ever seen. I was assigned to Vance AFB (Enid) in the early 70s as an Instructor Pilot. I liked everything about our assignment to Vance except two things - (1) Spring weather, but I guess if you live in the heart of Tornado Alley, you've got to expect it, and (2) Sooner fans. Once they found out I was from Texas, all I got was their scorn for the Longhorns. This was during the time ou was put on a major probation for doctoring the HS transcript of a QB from Galveston. They got two years of no bowl appearances and two years of no games on TV. The sooner fanatics were not mad at the school's athletic department for the serious recruiting violation - they were hacked at the NCAA because they couldn't watch their team on TV. A very misguided fan base, indeed.
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  12. Texanne

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    The worst fan base I ever saw was Ohio State. By far.
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  13. Chop

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    I understand they're not exactly the friendliest or most welcoming bunch towards visiting fans...
  14. utempire

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    The worst short man syndrome fan bases towards us was easily aggy and nu. nu was ok until they started playing a real schedule and kept losing to us.
  15. Chop

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    Sometimes it's good to just look in the mirror and have a good laugh. All in good fun here, don't get your panties in a wad. I'll set forth some common stereotypes of us, the UT fans that I've heard before from outsiders:

    Arrogant, entitled, stuck up, unrealistic expectations, too hard on own players and coaches. Liberal hippies and rich urban Texans. Goofy over-the-top Texana imagery at games. Cool mascot. Generally friendly, but sometimes in a condescending way. Very good tailgating--some parts of tailgate party could easily be mistaken for the State BBQ championship competition. Represent the State of Texas when playing big national teams. Travel well/good for the bottom line $ of the schools we visit.

    Pre-Mack Brown era: fans more into the whole "scene" than the game on the field itself, fans show up late, women sometimes way overdressed. Stadium not loud, not much cheering. (these have since been remedied, thankfully)
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  16. ViperHorn

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    Do you want to be Kansas? Better to error on to tough than not tough enough.
    Well deserved praise.
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  17. Chop

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    "too hard on own players and coaches"

    "Do you want to be Kansas? Better to error on to tough than not tough enough."

    Oh, I've been guilty of it too. I even recall hollering "Put in Murdock!!!" at the top of my lungs...*

    Just some stereotypes of us that I've heard over the years.

    * For the younger crowd who doesn't know WTF I'm talking about, Murdock was one of the backup QBs at a time when our team QB talent wasn't exactly world-caliber.
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  18. SunBurntOrange

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    Looking back:

    Most respectful and pleasant to be around was Nebraska. Fans and players both. During the infamous game that preceded our favorite celebrity fan's naked bongo playing doobie incident, we were sitting next to most of the Nebraska fans. They stayed in their seats afterwards until their players left the field. But when our band struck up "The Eyes", they stood up for it and their players stopped where they were until it was done. Very cool.

    Worst of the worst of the very worst. That cesspool of a program known more commonly as Ohio State. We had garbage thrown at us. We were cussed at. We were spit at. But we won. HA!! So screw them and let them rot in the blissful Shangri-La of Ohio.

    Never had an unpleasant experience with ou fans. It has always been a very heated yet respected rival from both sides. At least from my personal experience. I did have on weird experience though that turned out quite nicely. Rode to Dallas for the "Chris Simms meets Roy Williams in the end zone" game. Could not find a ticket so I went to my old watering hole from when I lived in Dallas, Humperdinks on Northwest Hwy and 35, to watch it. Packed to the rafters with sooners. As in I was the only Longhorn fan in there. Did manage to find a stool at the bar to watch the game. I mean hey, it is still my bar and my name is still on the wall. A OKC radio station that was broadcasting from there actually put me on the air. All in fun. They told me they would pick up my bar tab for the game if I sang boomer sooner. I told them I would not sing it if they bought me a Corvette. Well that put an early end to my interview, but so be it. Anyway the ou fans there were pretty cool, except for one sloppy drunk loud obnoxious foul-mouthed sooner chick. You know the kind. But once again they were pretty cool. I did not have to buy a drink all day thanks to them and they were really good sports and gracious winners that afternoon. Except for the aforementioned drunk chick who never let up. He who laughs last though because I ended up taking her sister back to my hotel with me. :thumbup:

    Good times :hookem2:
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  19. Chop

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    Re: Ohio State fans. I've heard what has been said in this thread many times from many different people.

    I wonder what it is about their football culture that makes them so hostile and violent? It's not as if Ohio is the only "Rust Belt" state that has suffered a long and bitter economic decline and downfall. As far as I can tell, their lives aren't any sorrier than the surrounding states. You don't see Michigan or Michigan State fans acting like this, and the State of Michigan shares a similar economic history. Same with Indiana, Notre Dame, Purdue. Also, U. of Mich. and Notre Dame have as much claim to a historical winning-program sense of "entitlement" as Ohio State, so it can't be just that. The Wisconsin fans I know are fantastic people, and I've never heard of Wisconsin fans assaulting and battering opposing fans.

    It's as if the worst of the English soccer fan culture was somehow transplanted to Ohio. Their NFL counterparts are the Cleveland Browns fans. I'm not aware of Cincinnati fans behaving this way. It's as if a loss on the field equates to a serious and painful attack by the opposing team and fans on their own personal sense of self worth, and they feel the need to literally fight back to right the insult.* Something about the local sports culture in that pocket of the country has taken a wrong turn. I don't know how or why...?

    Or is this all blown out of proportion?

    *You'll see some of this sort of mentality with the aggies, but I've never known them to get physically violent. I think we need a professional shrink to figure this stuff out...
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  20. Chop

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    And who can forget ... UTEP

    Actual video (filmed live on national tv by ESPN) of UTEP fans from UT vs. UTEP game -- on that big desert mountain overlooking the Sun Bowl:

    I think she misinterpreted the announcer saying: "Come on crowd, let's give 'em a hand"... Or perhaps they heard that aggie couples often kiss when a TD is scored and they wanted to one-up them.

    UTEP = Handjob U
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