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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by HornFanAlways, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. HornFanAlways

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    Any chance a major network could get the Iowa St game away from LHN? Just ridiculous that a game between 2 top 25 teams is going to be broadcast to such a limited market unless a major network is allowed to step in.
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  2. Dionysus

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  3. X Misn Tx

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    Agreed. It's the principle of the thing.
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  4. SabreHorn

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    I doubt it since LHN is owned by ABC, and I cannot consider Fox a "major network".. Only thing worse than Fox commentators is their camera coverage.
  5. SabreHorn

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    ABC has:

    Ohio State/Maryland @ 11
    WVU/oSu @ 230
    Cincinnati/UCF @ 7

    Fox has:

    Mich State/Nebraska @ 11
    USC/UCLA @ 230
    KU/OU @ 630

    Other **** shows:

    Ark/Miss State @ 11 on ESPN
    TCU/Baylor @ 11 on FS1
    ND Lite/FSU @ 230 on ESPN2
    Convizts/record setting bail bonds @ 230 on ESPN (listing under fights)
    Tech/K-State @ 230 on ESPNU
    Indiana/Michigan @ 3 on FS1
    Duke/Sons of Klem @ 6 on ESPN
    Aggies/Hoover Middle School @ 6 on ESPN2
    Rice/LSU @ 6 on ESPNU (track season starts early in the swamps)

    OK, I'm jaded, but which of the above games draws a larger viewing audience than two ranked teams playing in Memorial Stadium? Which is a better game for a real football fan than Texas/Iowa State?

    Chris needs to fix this ****. Give the LHN exclusive coverage of all rowing events.
  6. Dionysus

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    Serious question: Is the LHN a good thing for fans, considering all aspects, including games being shown exclusively there?

    I dropped cable a while back so I really don’t know. I find a free stream for Texas and other college football games but otherwise don’t have any use for cable TV.
  7. SabreHorn

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    I have never had LHN. When I have watched it at my son's home, it seemed to me to be much like HBO - yes, I loved Smokey & the Bandit and/or Blazing Saddles, but don't want to watch them a couple of times a week.
  8. PecosBill

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  9. SabreHorn

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    Piss on it. My grandson plays for his championship Sunday afternoon, so we don't want him getting back to Houston at 2 AM. I'd like him to be able to watch the game from the comfort of his den or gameroom.
  10. PecosBill

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    Go to DirecTV Now and sign up for the free 7 day test.
    Select the Go Bog plan with LHN
    Stream on your TV or smartphone
    Watch on the big screen in the comfort of den or gameroom.
    Good luck on the game Sunday.
  11. SabreHorn

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    Thanks, PB, but I'll be at the game. He will likely go to my son's house four miles away and watch it on one of his large screens. He has DirecTV and will be watching unless he also goes Austin, in which case my grandson and daughter will have the house to themselves.

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  12. Phil Elliott

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    Yes! Being able to watch UT baseball games in HD is worth it to me just for that. The cameras they use are excellent, makes anyone else's feed (such as an away game) look like SD.

    I've had football season tix since 1987 so the football game thing has no effect on me.
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  13. PecosBill

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    For me it is a good place to watch Tom Herman press conference, rewind of the game itself with TH and Lowell Galindo and Overdrive with the keys plays and condensed play clock.
    They often replay the recent game so an easy place to go to watch UT football and some inside coach and player info.
    Tons of other UT related sports content makes is valuable year round.
    Lots of classic games play at different times so some good memories.
    WatchESPN: Live Sports, Game Replays, Video Highlights
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  14. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I'll say that I feel like I'm a Dish Network hostage. I live in an area where satellite is my only option. Internet speeds are not reliable so sometimes I can stream, but sometimes it just doesn't work. I've had ongoing issues with Dish which has resulted in replaced equipment multiple times over the last year. Now HBO has pulled their channels from Dish to renegotiate. Real pain in the rear.

    If I want to switch to DirecTV I have to get the premium bundle to get LHN which after the first year is around $200 a month...BS! Im not paying that much just to get LHN. So either I deal with the dish issues, miss games or drive 25 miles to a pluckers to watch the game.

    So I vote that I'm not a fan of LHN.
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  15. PecosBill

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    VH4L - What is the cell service like in your area? Is AT&T and/or ATT 4G available?
    I have ATT mobile and can use DTV or DTV Now and the data doesn't go againts my plan. Tether phone to HDMI TV and watch LHN.

    Just depends on service in your area.
  16. nashhorn

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    Still ticks me off cable doesn't have LHN. I do continue w cable in Katy but only for Internet in Nashville and stream everything there. Since I go to all home games LHN single games only tick me off because can't record to watch again, which normally I always do.
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  17. Horns11

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    Drop cable and get a service that offers LHN.
  18. 14tokihorn

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    Oh that's sweet. Out with the old way to pick up a stream. I just tested Tech v. KState .... beautiful !!!!

    Thanks for that.
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  19. BabHorn

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    Love it for MBB, WBB, VB, Soccer, Baseball & Softball. FB and other sports are just plain gravy. Especially now that I have moved out of Austin and can't drive into games due poor night vision.
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