It was 40 years ago today

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by Giovanni Jones, Aug 1, 2021.

  1. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    that MTV launched

    Music videos, 24/7. Those were the days.
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  2. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Maybe

    MTV was so great for a while
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  3. Vino Bevo

    Vino Bevo Wine - how classy people get drunk

    Good lord I'm getting old...
  4. WorsterMan

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    ^^^ Me too. 1981... wow, I remember first began watching some of the first programs with GF from Tulsa... I wonder if some of those original clips would stand the test of time?
  5. SabreHorn

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    Having dealt with the corporate offices of NME, I thought it was very fitting that after they paid a fortune to build their new offices in The Peoples Republic of Santa Monica, in which they were forced to buy an extra block to build a daycare, which had to be free to all citizens of the republic, that NME moved out a few years later and it became the home of MTV. Court Order prevents me from saying more. :yes:

    26th & Colorado Ave (never to be confused with Colorado Blvd in Pasadena).
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  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I didn't have cable until I got my first apartment in 1991. Living in the country in the 80's, only those who could afford those 12' wide satellites had cable. While I loved having music television just playing in the background all night long, I still blame The Real World for all of the crap reality TV we have today. It was super popular, so in the 90's when the writers guild went on strike the networks figured they would give reality TV a shot because it was cheap and didn't require writers. It worked and away went good TV writing.

    I can't figure out how MTV is still even a thing. I think they still play some of that pregnant teen crap. Oh well, I loved MTV for a while.
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