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    I drink beer and have a good time drinking beer at the tailgate prior to the game. I know my limit and want to enjoy (and remember) the game. Most have no problem with alcohol sales, probably a lot more cokes spilled on patrons than beer.
    The problem is with those that drink for hours at a tail gate and then are enabled to buy more at the game.
    Prior to alcohol sales, these folks would sober up as the game went on. They were usually loud and boisterous for about a quarter and a half and actually sometimes amusing. Now they are enabled to continue drinking. That's where loss of decorum comes into play, spilled beers, F bombs, wanting to fight, shouting at spouses etc. I had one in front of me last year demand his wife(girl friend) get him another beer. She was smart and waited him out until he went into silent mode fading down. Good guy, just had too many that day, but could have gotten more beer if he was not with a responsible person.
    I also don't have a problem with fans that want to enjoy a beer at the game. Not everyone goes to tailgates or pre game parties.

    I really don't have an answer other than personal responsibility and knowing your limit, but do like to have an option to get a beer is I want. I now take my 9 year old grandson to the games and don't care for the cursing, but I do notice the cursing and bad behavior is not limited to over served individuals.

    I have to come down on the side of beer sales at the stadium.

    Shark, I am sorry that happened to you, you are great fan and poster. As I said, I now take my 9 year old grandson to the games so I can imagine the incident.
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    Nah, he's just being a baby. :D
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    That ain't the point, Woodrow.
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    You know I was joking....right?
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    Hmm. Quick pickle. Guess I gotta use the site's emojis. iOS keyboard ones didn't enter.


    Ughh I'm not good at this.
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    Emojis....good. ;)
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    Can someone make the 2006 USC Song Girl signaling the TD emoji??????

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    Thanks Ivan.

    I'm really not seeking sympathy ... but sharing so that the situation of "begging" for more incidents is highlighted. Yes, we've always had the student section known for smuggling the flask of whiskey/whatever.

    I shared because this was a change to the status quo ... IMHO ... it was completely unnecessary and didn't enhance the experience at all. (yes, save for those of you who imbibe and the performance on the field ... but as I understand it ... a beer isn't good enough for that effort, right?)

    Perhaps this speaks more about the direction our society is going than we want to admit. You mentioned your exposure to bad behavior/language. Pitiful ... not that the choice of concessions is necessarily purposed for behavior modification HOWEVER ... does selling beer in the stadium mitigate or exacerbate those behavior/language fouls? Or ... does it not change it one way or the other?

    I know, too, I'm tilting at a windmill for this genie will NEVER be put back in her bottle. Our society has worshipped at the brew altar for so long, there's just no way I see of this being restored. The risk of such incident has risen and is now the "new normal." But at least we get to see a fireworks display. Did the beer sales pay for that?
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    ShAArk92, I totally empathize with your point of view. We haven't been doused (yet) but have seen some unruly behavior in the stands. One memorable moment was some guy a few rows in front of us who kept yelling "helpful" (and mightily profane) instructions to Coach Brown during an all-important game against Florida Atlantic. (Mind you, this was from about Row 40 in Section 107). I can't say for sure that his long-winded rant was initiated or aggravated by alcohol consumption, but it seems pretty likely that it was.

    While we're on the topic, is anyone here old enough to remember the infamous, awful Cleveland Indians 10-Cent Beer Night? (4 June 1974) I had an older brother who was in attendance at that game (he was living and working in Euclid OH at the time) and he considered himself to be extremely fortunate to make it out of the ballpark in one piece. He told me that the news reports of the mayhem were in no way exaggerated.
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    There is a guy in our section that does the exact same thing every game.

    1) Gets drunk
    2) Yells constantly at the refs
    3) Gets beat red in the face
    4) leaves the game with about 5 min left and as he walks out yells at the refs more.

    The dude isn't all that old and will have a stroke one day. He lost his voice the last game.
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    Text Security early in the TT game and maybe he will get pissed off and leave early.
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    During the halcyon 2008 season, we played, Missouri in an ESPN Game Day evening game. I had a client who had his JD from Mizzou and one of the most dedicated and long suffering fans you can imagine. He had tickets in someone's luxury suite, but was looking for seats for his 2 adult sons and a fiance. He knew I had three extra seats. He wanted good seats, around people that would treat visitors well and basically said "name your price". I knew these "kids" who were all in their mid 30's, were good people, one had been an aide to Senator Carnahan.

    We had been in those seats 30+ years, knew everyone around us, and was sure the 3 lone Mizzou fans would be welcomed. I sold the client the tickets for whatever face value was at the time. Probably $75 range.

    At kickoff, the atmosphere was electric and loud. We were #1 in the BCS rankings and Colt was a Heisman lock. But my 3 seats were empty. Game kicks off crowd is roaring and our visitors show up. Oh my.

    Picture Oakland Raider/Cleveland Brown/OU/aggy low end white trash. Slobbering, barely conscious, reeking of every distilled beverage ever made (two of them were carrying large open containers. Within minutes we had raced to a 21-0 lead. Our visitors had picked a fight with every member of the "family" I had been sitting with since Carter was President. Including telling a District Court Judge to "shut up you f-----g b---h".

    They had been arrested (in the aisle!) and hauled off well before the end of the first quarter. Needless to say, I was not popular with the rest of my "family"
    for the remainder of the game.

    In the days I drank in Memorial Stadium, I was at least a happy drunk. "Modest in victory, gracious in defeat" my Mom always said. But the above event is the demarcation point that mt mind goes to when we began to sell beer.

    If we are gonna sell it, then make it one hell of a profit center. Beers in the $25 to $45 range. Because the problem isn't supply, it's demand. Sort of like guys selling weed. They never sit around thinking, "how am I gonna sell all this damn weed? Maybe I need to have a buy one get one free sale".

    Just my thoughts. Hook Em. Discuss.

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  13. ShAArk92

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    whoa! that's some story, yella! Sorry you had that experience! Have you been forgiven by the other "family?" yet.

    great history with the program, too.
  14. yelladawgdem

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    Yes, I was granted forgiveness. But a game that should have been one of the greatest memories, is a very unpleasant one instead.
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