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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by Tailgate, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Tailgate

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    My client who is originally from Italy is coming to town. Where does the Mafia hang out in Austin? We need to be there Wednesday night.

  2. Steel Shank

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    This is like you going to Italy and looking for carne guisada.
  3. Tex Pete

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  4. Cap33

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    Does he live in Italy or anywhere else with great Italian food already (e.g. NYC or SF)? If not, and you want to give him a taste of home, Andiamo or Bellagio are good choices. A more casual choice is Reale's.

    A guy I work with recently asked where he could take his friend visiting from France for some French food in town. The answer was don't. So, if your client is visiting from Italy, NYC, or SF, take him out for good Tex-Mex, or as suggested, barbeque or steaks.
  5. Smurfette

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    I'd suggest Z-tejas for some excellent Pasta w/ an Texas twist-- Diablo chicken pasta is awesome.
  6. brntorng

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    Siena has a nice atmosphere in a nice part of the city and the food is very good. Andiamo has excellent food, but the service is inconsistent and the strip mall setting is a distraction although inside is fine. I tend to go with Austin's strengths: BBQ (County Line for out-of-towners works well), Tex-Mex (take your pick), or a good steak (Cool River or others).
  7. handcruser

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    Olive Garden has several locations around town. It is authentic Italian food and the ambience is quite nice. I am not sure if they take reservations though.
  8. TXHookem

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    Having been born and raised in Italy, here is what I would do with an Italian friend/client/family members... NOT take him to an Italian restaurant. They will be disappointed.
  9. HornMafia

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    If you don't mind driving out there, Ciola's in Lakeway has great food, a good wine list and very nice atmosphere for being in a strip mall.
  10. jimmyjazz

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    Bellagio gets my vote.
  11. rhorn27

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    Although casual, I found Enoteca to be an extremely authentic offering of Italian food. I went to Florence and Rome last November and it still reminds me of some of the small mom/pop places we tried. Simple food, good execution.
  12. YChang

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    Take him to go eat some Pho and say "Look these azns were eating noodles while your people were still living in mud huts along the Tiber!"
  13. TXHookem

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    So, you're going to London to visit clients and they decide to take you to a local "Tex-Mex" restaurant so you can see their interpretation of the cuisine? Sound like a good idea? Nope... take him somewhere besides Italian.
  14. l00p

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    Remind him the story about tomatoes and how they got them and make him pay for your meals.
  15. midtown

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    I have a friend coming in from NYC this wknd for the SA marathon and he mentioned pasta would be good. I laughed and told him I'm not taking a NY'er who's last name ends with 'lli' to have italian food. I wouldn't suggest bbq or tex-mex my next visit back.
  16. Tailgate

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    We went to Vespaio and had a great time! Some very good dishes there. He has been here (Austin) about five times and done the BBQ goodies. Should've mentioned that with the comments I see.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
  17. MirrOlure

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