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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by TNLonghorn, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. TNLonghorn

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    I'm trying to find a software program for my PC and an app for my iPhone to be able to stream my iTunes to my iPhone.

    I used to have a program called Simplify Media. I guess they went out of business, since their app no longer works and I can't find anything about them on the web.

    I had Jukefly and it crapped out on me, and I just recently tried ServeToMe, which hasn't worked at all.

    Any suggestions on a reliable program?

    Thanks and [​IMG]
  2. brntorng

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    Google acquired Simplify, so that may be the end of that. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Check this out:

    Subsonic or Homepipe
    Or StreamToMe.
  3. YoLaDu

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    so are their any reliable apps that can access your Itunes library/music on your home PC and play them on your IPhone?

    No way my Iphone can hold the number of songs that my Ipod does. Would be nice to not have to carry around both devices.
  4. mcbrett

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    What is this "iphone" you speak of? I am only familiar with the Android system.
  5. brntorng

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  6. YoLaDu

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    thanks. I downloaded Stream To Me.

    Working flawlessly.
  7. rreading

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    It seems that apple is updating it's os to be able to do this to the ipad on March 11; it would seem likely that the iphone will be able to do this too....

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