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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Mr. Fiesta, Jan 16, 2019.

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    If you were a QB who could transfer anywhere, why wouldn't you chose OU? They have turned their last 2 transfer QBs into Heisman winners.

    Upside: This will likely make Buechele go somewhere else besides OU.
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    "One of the things that people always want to talk to me about is last month's SEC Championship Game," Hurts said. "They come up to me and say that it inspired them, or that they were rooting like crazy for me, or how they had been hoping all season that I would get another chance. They tell me how it was like a MOVIE, or that they've gotta make you a 30 for 30 now, you know, things along those lines.

    "But I just tell them back -- that 30 for 30? You can bet on it. Only not anytime soon. Not yet. Because this story of mine..... it's still just getting started. There are movie moments still to come."

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    No one has benefited from a QB transfer as much as OU have. I wonder how their program would be now if they did not have Baker and Kyler?
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    I don't like Mayfield or Murray but those two are light years above this kid talent-wise.
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    I'm not so sure about that. Hes got intangibles and hes a good passer. Not looking forward to facing him.
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    fixed it for you
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    Bring it on. When we beat them again, we will look even better. He isn't going to look as good with the OU line versus the Bama line.
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    I wasnt incorrect lol
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    OU doesn't frequently suffer with a mediocre QB.
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    I think he's a better runner than passer. It will be interesting to see what Riley can do with him.

    I'm ambivalent on keeping Kendall from going to WVU. Part of me says let him go. The other part of me says that he was a scholarship player long enough to earn a degree so that makes it a little different than Mayfield who was only a walk on.
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    Bring it on, I say. Making them worse by denying them Hurts is not going to make us any better.
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    How long before we see a picture of him doing the horns down?
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    I thought the grad transfers could play immediately without any restriction if they were transferring for a grad program that did not exist at the previous school.
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    We have no say in the matter.
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    Once again, for what seems like the 20th year in a row, OU will have a 20-something, veteran QB.

    At least this time we'll have a veteran QB too.

    Anybody know if he has 1 or 2 years left?
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    Are you suggesting to Bubba that OU start a graduate program in couch burning?
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    I hate to admit it, but Murray is one of the better college qbs to ever play the game. Hurts is a downgrade from Kyler Murray so we will still face a good albeit weaker OU offense even with Hurts next year. The bigger question is whether OU’s new defensive coordinator will significantly improve their defense.
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    Buechele would be 5th or 6th string at OU. Love the kid, but seriously, Shane is not OU caliber.
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    The Rich Get Richer..... I hate OU!
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    How the **** does OU keep getting all these high caliber transfers? Not just any transfers, but Heisman caliber QB transfers???

    Seriously, other than sucking, what are they doing? We should figure that out and do the same.
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    They have been winning at a consistent level, making the CFP, and have a need at QB. The timing has been fortuitous for them with Murray looking for a spot after Mayfield, and now Hurts looking for a spot.
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    Well, when you put it that way it makes sense.
    Lets do that, then, without the sucking part.

    It also helps that a lot of these kids seeking transfer are turds, and Oklahoma is a turd school.
    I don't know if Hurts is a turd. If not, the decision seems odd.
    I am surprised Martell hasn't transfered there yet, too.
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    Does anyone think Mayfield would have been in consideration for the Hype$man had he not been in Linc's system in Norman?

    I dare say that Kyler would have already reported to the A's rookie league if he had gone somewhere besides Norman.

    System? Yes, but an effective system, which has and always will draw media and awards attention.
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    That is very true. The system will attract quality players on offense. I do wonder if OU uses various contacts to let potential transfers know that they have a seat for them at the table, thereby recruiting them in an arms length fashion by enticing a player to transfer. Sounds like something underhanded. The Sooners? No, not the Sooners!
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    Ever since the puppy & Jesus hater arrived they just win. His replacement? Well, he continues to win. How many conference championships does OU have in the last 15 years? If I were a coach at OU my recruiting tag line would be something like, "You can come here and win championships or you can go to Texas, but that's your decision to make."

    Winning solves a lot of problems and makes a lot of tasks easier. Until we start kicking their *** on a regular basis again this will continue.
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    Not sure what the OU bench looks like for offensive linemen but 4 of the 5 starters are gone. OU might need a big runner at quarterback to save wear and tear on the freshman.
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    Why do folks keep insisting that Shane will transfer? One, he loves being a Longhorn and two, undefeated!!
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    Hurts impressed me when he declined to do the 4 game minimum to keep a whole year of eligibility. He’s a team guy with some character.

    He could have been like jelly Bryant but didn’t.
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