John Kerry hard at work

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Larry T. Spider, Jul 6, 2013.

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    There's nothing wrong with having a bbq on your boat on the 4th. In fact, I would say that's pretty darn American...esp for a former naval officer.

    But you are absolutely right. If they utilize PR machinations for this...imagine the PR spin program they have for important stuff. Facade, that's my word of the day.
  3. Third Coast

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    I'd be more concerned about what he's doing out in public braless and with a cat on his head.
  4. dillohorn

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    This is the typical attitude of this Obama administration.
  5. theiioftx

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    What Third Coast said.
  6. Crockett

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    Describing a proflgate liar, my father once said 'That guy would tell a lie when the truth would serve as well."' i'm pretty good at seeing the best in people. It's hard for me to see much I like here.
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    My first reaction was to think that someone like Kerry probably could handle high-level phone calls from his yacht, and especially if a foreign event was unexpected, no big deal. But then, reading the lies put out about whether he was on the boat.... Just as said, some people would rather lie than tell the truth even when it doesn't matter, and these folks seem to have learned lying as their first language.
  9. zork

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    If it were up to me we would leave the Sec of State job open and let Kerry do what he wants away from all diplomatic endeavors as our representative. It would be a win-win for everyone.
  10. texas_ex2000

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    You know what guys...maybe we're all overreacting and reaching for straws. Maybe this isn't indicative of a pervasive problem with the White House and State Department.

    I mean, come on. It's not like we've seen them lie before or in the recent past about the timing of important international and national security events. Oh wait...
  11. AustinBat

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    Uninformed, is that the best you could do?? Showing a private citizen? Surely you could have found a photo of GW relaxing at the ranch while Egypt burned. It is all his fault, you know. If he just hadn't turned over the damned keys to the Oval Office......
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    What a great comparison. The SOS versus a private citizen on a boat with his grandchildren. Last time I checked Mitt was not a government official. He can do whatever he wants to do when he wants to do it, literally. Johnny Swiftboat is on the public dime and yes it was a holiday, but with the current situation in Egypt, probably not a good time for he or O to be out for some R&R.
  13. Uninformed

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    Hey. I'm just trying to help BI out.
  14. AustinBat

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    There is no helping him.
  15. NJlonghorn

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    I'm pretty sure there are more people on that boat than it is rated for. It would appear that Romney doesn't care about the safety of his kinfolk. [​IMG]
  16. huisache

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    Never been an admirer of Kerry or the other members of the IVY fraternity of meritocrat self promoters, but has he stood in front of the UN and said he knew Saddam had WMD and also knew exactly where they were and shown pictures of them in order to justify a war that resulted in hundreds of thousands of death and turned over a strategic part of the world to the hegemony of the Iranian mulllahs? Just asking.
  17. Larry T. Spider

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  18. huisache

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    by my standards, nobody from either party deserves anything less than dismissal and perhaps a thorough beating. As pointed out, I have never liked Kerry or other members of the political class he crawled out of.

    But I don't act superior about my own standards while whining like a little kid about some rich guy lolling around on his boat instead of sitting around jawing about a coup in a faroff land that is being conducted by the only civilized institution is said land. What are those dullards in "our" government going to talk about while the coup is going on? How to smack the tarbaby a good one?

    Mayhaps we would be better off is our rulers spend more time on the water and less time trying to play Caesar to the benighted of the earth?

    When W was mucking up, the libs were on his tail all the time about real important stuff such as what he did in the air guard and what his coke habits were before Jesus found him, and a lot of other stuff of the highest importance. Like why he was clearing brush near Waco when important decisions were being made by the grownups back in DC.

    Now the undertrained bumbling president is a liberal democrat and we have all the righties crawling out of the woodwork whining about rich guys on boats, etc.

    Find something substantive to whine about or just go change your diapers
  19. Larry T. Spider

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  20. huisache

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    I consider being lied to by the government to be standard operating procedure. If all they are lying about is related to the department head screwing around on his boat as opposed to being in dc frumping about re a coup in egypt, I could be hard put to get all excited.

    I've worked around enough pols to know they lie when the truth would do.

    Do you actually get lathered up about them lying about incidents in which the SoS is getting some R&R?

    I save my little remaining rage for when they lie about matters of substance, like lying or exaggerating to get us into wars.
  21. Larry T. Spider

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  22. AustinBat

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    Yes, when people are ok with being lied to, this formerly great country is in big trouble.
  23. Joe Fan

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  24. Joe Fan

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    Here is a funny little twist on the Logan Act for you

    Back when Obama cut his infamous deal with Iran, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) sent a public letter to Iran explaining to them the Senate's role in ratifying treaties according to the Constitution.

    How did Democrats and their media lapdogs respond?

    They claimed that Cotton's letter was a criminal Logan Act violation

    Cant make this stuff up.
  25. Seattle Husker

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    John Kerry did what Michael Flynn did, told an adversary wait until the next admin. Both were out of bounds and should be investigated/prosecuted accordingly.

    What's missing in this thread is the blatant hypocrisy from those that defended Flynn. Maybe that's assumed these days?
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  26. Mr. Deez

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    They should both be prosecuted, because they're both out of line, but doing it to a non-lame duck is worse.
  27. Sangre Naranjada

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    Kerry should be shot, and Flynn, perhaps jailed.
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  28. Horn6721

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    Keep in mind this was not Kerry's first treasonous rodeo.
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  29. Seattle Husker

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    If we're talking moral equivalence then I'd say the person actually in an official position is worse than the regular old citizen without any official power. The former has weight behind their statements while the latter is simply pissing in the wind.
  30. Sangre Naranjada

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    That would be a fair assessment if you or I were the "regular old citizen" involved. Not so much a former SecState who could very easily wind up highly placed in the next D administration

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