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Discussion in 'PCL' started by GHOST HORN, Mar 1, 2005.


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    done now and will do daily. thanks for the link and the info.
  2. SlingeroGuitaro

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    good stuff. my mother has been cancer free for six years but its still a very scary subject.

    click click click [​IMG]
  3. Engelke

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    done today and everyday here after
  4. aggierogue

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    done. Thanks for the link.
  5. Bevoette

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    Yes, please click folks. It's not just a "womens" problem, men can get breast cancer as well.
    I have 2 friends that are survivors and I am VERY glad that they had the great medical technology and eary detection that is around today.
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  8. ryskey

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    Done. Anything to help fight cancer. I hate cancer.
  9. Hornboi

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    Done. Will do daily.
  10. AustinAggy

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    Done - and will continue to do it daily. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor so I know what it can do to a family.
  11. Macanudo

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    I like breasts. I'll do what I can.
  12. veggieboy

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    Thanks for posting this, LHG.

    Cancer sucks more than ou....
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  14. Staley

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    Done. Great cause.
  15. cmagAG

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    Beat The Hell outta Cancer!!!
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    clicking away[​IMG]
  19. beehorn

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    done.... thanks for the info
  20. BrntOrngBld

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    None in my family (thank God), but I do personally know five women who do have/had it.

    Daily Clicker!
    [Pink ribbon]
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    Clicked and passed on the website to a bunch of friends. [​IMG]
  23. slkHORN

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    Done and will do daily, thanks for the link
  24. Texanne

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    I clicked and bookmarked and will click every day.
  25. Luthor

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    Done and done. My 17 year old son is fighting Leukemia and we are winning. I know this can't be said for all types of cancer, but winning one battle at a time keeps us all hopeful for the future.

    Just remember. It wasn't going to happen to my family either...but it did.
  26. fk

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    Consider it clicked
  27. HornZealot

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    I'll be praying for your family Luthor. God Bless.
  28. Luthor

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    Thanks so muck. We do appreciate your prayers.They make a difference.
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    done and will be done daily
  30. fhubertj7

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    Done. A good cause.

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