Just when I think that Bowelsby can't get any more stupid, he proves me wrong

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by SabreHorn, Jun 30, 2018.

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    I have been trying for over a decade to get Walt Anderson dumped as head of officials for the Big XII. If that happened, the logical choices are Cooper Castleberry or Mike Defee, the only two competent referees in the conference. In yet another overwhelming *** show and demonstration of how clueless and ignorant one human being can be, Bowlesby has chosen Greg "Wall-eye" Burkes as the new director of officials. Burkes is from the West Coast, was a pathetic excuse for an official in the Big Sky and MWC, before Anderson decided what a marvelous idea it would be for the Big XII to share officials with the BigSky, WAC, MWC, and whatever other ******* group that Anderson wants to help out. Get ready for Cooper to retire, and Mike to move on to a real conference, thus leaving the Big XII with more rejects like Reggie Smith, Greg Burks, Dan Romero, and all of Anderson's dentists buddies and equipment finance people.

    There isn't a vacuum cleaner or candy truck big enough to clean up the **** show that is Las Colinas.
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    I believe you are repressing your feelings a little too much...try opening up and letting the emotion flow...
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    Total incompetence has a way of doing that to me, particularly when accompanied by overwhelming arrogance, if not other questionable actions.

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    There's a guy with first name Randy who's been around forever who I've always felt is really solid. I think he did at least one BCS title game. Can't recall last name. He's done a ton of longhorn games.
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    Randy Christal (sp) lives in South Austin. He would make an excellent choice. Did a lot of baseball games. Suffered at the hands of the old "wild bunch", and once upon a time took significant abuse from Mike Leach on national tv.
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