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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KBBAKER, Mar 17, 2022.


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    Is there a chance we get screwed like OU did last year versus Nebraska? Could the Alabama game be selected for an 11:00 AM kickoff? This would be a travesty! The only (slim) chance we have to win is with a rowdy (i.e. drunk) crowd at night. Let the praying begin!
  2. William Bush

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    Pretty sure the SEC (ie Alabama) will make sure this bloodbath will in primetime.
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  3. Horns11

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    We're the home team so it'll be either ABC or Fox. If Fox gets it, it'll probably be the 7:00 timeslot. No telling about what the Disney family of networks will do with it.
  4. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    "Maybe we beat them by 21"
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    KBBAKER 500+ Posts

    Looks like the worst case scenario is coming true. 11:00 AM kickoff for the Alabama game on Fox. Pretty much confirmed. This really sucks!
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  6. Gladius&Pilum

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    Bama made it known to the SEC league office they didn't want any more September games in College Station because of the heat. I wonder if they had any influence on the start time.
  7. Ajo Macho

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    Is College Station significantly hotter than Tuscaloosa? Or Oxford, Starkville, Baton Rouge? I have my doubts.
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  8. Gladius&Pilum

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    September 10, 2021 high was 82 degrees in Tuscaloosa. Central Texas is typically in the mid-to-upper 90's.
  9. huisache

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    Re heat; before the UCLA game I went to the field. Told my friends it was so hot the boys from out west would wilt

    not exactly accurate

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  10. Gladius&Pilum

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    The impetus for the Bama request was from the fans who made the trip. The team is in peak condition but the avg Bammer is FAR from being in shape. They were fainting in droves in 2013.
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  11. SabreHorn

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    Did Saban hire Puppy Dog Madden to make sure the fans were prepared?

    I think this is my first post about Madden that didn't include adjectives like "Lard ***" or "Mr T Wannabe". What a waste of payroll.
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  12. WorsterMan

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    It sucks for the players, coaches, bands and fans on both sides...
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  13. Horns11

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    Yeah the schedule that weekend was effin' built for Alabama/Texas at night. There are literally no other national games of any sort of appeal the rest of the day. Tennessee/Pitt? Iowa/ISU? There are going to be a ton of regional meaningless games on at the prime time slot. What a ****** decision.
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  14. erbutch

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    Be careful what you wish for. we could take a real drubbin and we dont want that on primetime.
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  15. Horns11

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    Oh I fully expect a drubbing. I just don't want the accompanying heat stroke and sunburn.
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  16. Ajo Macho

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    In the event that's what happens, I'm not sure what kickoff time would be "best". When Appalachian State beat Michigan in 2007, it was an 11:00 AM game, and that's all anyone was talking about ALL DAY.
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  17. LAGA4

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    Why is it "likely" a 11:00 am kick and not announced?
    I don't understand the reason.
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  18. HalRex

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    I like the way this is setting up. Home game played in the Texas heat which , hopefully, will drain the overconfident Tide. That together with it being early in the season when upsets are more apt to occur. A raucous stadium of crazed Horn faithful....we may indeed have an enjoyable day:hookem:
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  19. Pomspoms

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    I doubt Alabama will have any more of a problem with the heat than texas.
    We are going to have to win the turnover battle to win this game. I am concerned about getting run over.
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  20. nashhorn

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    Stupid, just stupid to have any games at 11:00 in the Sept heat. I can’t believe the mighty SEC and Bama couldn’t get a night time slot. This is insane.
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  21. HalRex

    HalRex 250+ Posts

    You may be right but I generally fall into the category of “optimistic”.:hookem2:
  22. Gladius&Pilum

    Gladius&Pilum 100+ Posts

    Bama & the SEC have no affiliation with FOX. Certainly a school with its own network would have the clout to get the prime start-time... right?
  23. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    CBS has the primary rights through this season and next. They tend to put the "highly rated in August" games in prime time, and as the season rolls on, the "makes for a better matchup" games at the 2:30 slot. They usually don't misfire.

    Doesn't matter for us though. It'll be a new contract when we join.
  24. Gladius&Pilum

    Gladius&Pilum 100+ Posts

    If this game were in Tuscaloosa it would be the 2:30 CBS game of the week. I expect that to be the case in 2023 when Texas visits Bama.
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  25. dukesteer

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    It’s absurd. Fox is doing it for the ratings, and a link to their pregame show, hoping to take viewers away from Gameday.

    I’m disgusted and will be sending an email to CDC.
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  26. Detective Shilala

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    We just need to get a lot better at football to ensure this does not continue to happen.
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  27. dukesteer

    dukesteer 5,000+ Posts

    DS, this is $$$ driven by Fox, nothing more. Our record over the past decade has little relevance with respect to this game. Interest will be sky high. We’re talking about two top brands.

    It’s the best game of the weekend, with the added intrigue of Sark vs. his former coach.

    Texas & Bama have the power to force the issue. If players and fans start dropping like flies, there will be hell to pay.
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  28. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    Props to Sark for responding to this succinctly and without drama.

    “We have a saying in our building: just spot the ball,” Sarkisian said, via Horns247. “Sometimes we don’t get the kickoff times that we want, but we’re going to show up and our fans are going to show up.”
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    KBBAKER 500+ Posts

    Hating the 11:00 AM kickoff has nothing to do with the heat. It's all about the tailgating experience and the in game experience. 11:00 AM is hot. 2:30 PM is hot. 7:00 PM is hot. Temperature is not the issue. It's about the fan experience and game atmosphere.

    Also, an 11:00 AM kickoff will be devasting to the Austin economy. Majority of the crowd will go home (i.e. Dallas & Houston) after the game instead of spending money in restaurants and at hotels.
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    KBBAKER 500+ Posts

    Could it be any worse than losing to Kansas during primetime? That game started at 6:30 PM last fall. Unfortunately, the Horns are skilled at losing during all hours of the day and night!
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