K-STATE black athletes are leaving.....

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TEXnSEATTLE, Jun 28, 2020.


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    over a tweet of one white guy's over George Floyd.....
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    They want the school to kick the student out and punish speech. The problem they have is the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    Kansas State, being a public university, cannot discipline this student over his tweet no matter how tacky or in poor taste (the tweet was "Congratulations to George Floyd on being drug free for an entire month!").

    “Disgusting and totally inappropriate:” K-State student’s tweet on George Floyd draws national attention

    There are countless court cases for decades for a variety of matters involving public universities trying to punish students for speech. The public universities lose every time.

    The same First Amendment that protects the rights of the players to speak out also protects this student's inappropriate jokes. There is nothing to be done other than this is a teaching opportunity for the Kansas State athletes to learn that in a free county people are going to express opinions and makes jokes that they will not like and they have to learn to toughen up and get over it. The irony is the Kansas States athletes trying to stifle tacky jokes and free speech have called the tweeter a "nazi".
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    of course, there is no such thing as education or civics is there??? the ignorance I have seen in the last three weeks is STAGGERING!!!
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    Had he said all white people should die, it would have been applauded.

    Edit: It's a stupid joke. Why they let it bother them that much is beyond me.
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    Seattle, does STAGGERING even begin to describe what we have witnessed seeing and hearing from a small segment of our population?Can't see how these demands can be met and survive as USA.

    Walk on out if you do not value the history of USA or the opportunity of higher education and skill improvement to help all reach our goals....can it happen now or ever if you walk out !!!

    I have empathy for the many that have experienced injustices or prejudice!! Yet we 'all' must be reasonable in how we strive to create better / more wholesome environment tat will promote needed / wanted unity. We must learn to accept each other.

    God created all in His image....in many ways, we do not appear to honor what he wants of us today.
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    What was tacky about the tweet?
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    It was the truth ???
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  9. Sam Fowler

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    Htown 77,

    Hardin Simmons U just kicked out a student that created an offensive TikTok.
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    Hardin Simmons U is a private college, not a public college. Hardin Simmons can set its own policies, including speech policies. Kansas State (like the University of Texas) is a public university which makes it the government and subject to the Constitution.
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    Just tell them NO....or hell, no....it's not the real world...
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    Good there is the door....next.
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    Tex.....I've stated this before, but you may not be aware...It is all quite predictable and, in fact, has been predicted for some time by many. What they teach in public schools and elsewhere today - and don't teach - makes the kind of "thinking" we have today inevitable. Feelings have trumped reason for some time now and the groundwork for this was laid in the 60s and built upon throughout the 90s and into the 21st century.
    I do believe it will only get worse, but I won't go into the reasons why.
    I'm only 47 but have lived long enough now to see many astute warnings arrogantly ignored by powers that be who believe their new-fandangled ways are progress and the predicted negative consequences come to pass. There are many warnings being given right now to those same powers and to the public that are being ignored, as well, so.....
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  14. Omniscient.one

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    Guy got the attention he was looking for. I’ve heard this same joke a thousands times about celebrities that’d recently died. Whitney Houston was one. Not that it matters. This guy was just looking to stir the pot for no good reason.
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    I'm not sure this is entirely true. Well, it's true, but I don't think it's being practiced. I'm pretty sure UofTenn did exactly this a couple of weeks ago. I believe there was a case in which one of its current students (male) posted something and was kicked out of school. There was also an incoming cheerleader (female) that said something on social media. I can't recall the specifics. I'd link, but I'm headed out the door.
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    Fortunately, free speech works both ways, and the athletes were not forced to just be quiet and take it. Good for them.

    "The school condemned McNeil’s tweet, saying that it is committed to listening and supporting “black athletes, black students and members of our black community.”

    “Recent tweets from a K-State student downplaying the Black Lives Matter effort and the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd are disgusting and totally inappropriate and not reflective of who we are as a University or our Athletic Department,” Athletic Director Gene Taylor said in a statement. “They are not reflective of our administration and goals. We are committed to listening [to] and supporting our black athletes, black students and members of our black community and taking positive steps in the matters of social injustice and racism.”

    In a tweet, the athletic department added, “K-State Athletics, along with President [Richard] Myers and University leadership, respect and support our student-athletes in standing up in the fight against racism. At @KState we are a family and we will work together to make our campus community an even better place to call home.”
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    Take what? A reused joke from someone they likely have never met before on the internet? There are offensive things on the internet, oh no!

    Also, nowhere did Kansas State say they were actually taking any action. They just gave a bunch of platitudes. I can condemn racism, say I am committed to stoping racism and taking positive steps as well. Huzzah!

    If so, the students have a winning lawsuit on their hands.... of course they actually have to file the lawsuit in order to win.
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  18. stanhin

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    "Take what?"

    You are the one who wrote that they needed "to learn to toughen up and get over it." Blacks have (for far too long) been told to "get over it." I applaud the students for refusing to do that. Regardless whether KSU can police such speech in the future, I believe KSU's statements show (to its credit) that it is paying attention to its minority students, as it should. Good on them. Good on KSU.
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    A bad joke is now akin to "white-supremacist speech"?

  20. stanhin

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    To a white person, probably not. I would be interested in hearing the perspectives of our black posters, if we have any.
  21. Htown77

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    @stanhin Do you believe all people are equal?
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  22. IvanDiabloHorn

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    This is an attack on humor. There are people in the world that are humorless and want to control jokes(speech).
    There is an old sayin “F...em if they cant take a joke.”

    I will continue to tell jokes of all sorts depending on the venue that include race religion, sex, political parties, politicians, countries, etc.

    I don’t tell the same jokes at a formal dinner that I tell at deer camp.
    I don’t tell the same jokes around women that I tell around men.

    But, I wont be told what jokes I can tell. Most people enjoy humor and those that don’t are humorless or trying to control your speech.

    Reminds me of the Texas football player that put out the joke about Obama being elected that was seen by the black players. Wrong venue.
  23. 2003TexasGrad

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    Man, if only universities heard what was being said in dorm rooms and frat houses every night. They would all shut down tomorrow.
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  24. Horns11

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    It was seen by the world, not just black players, and it was in reference to shooting the n-word in the White House. Fantastic joke! There's no appropriate venue for something like that, and the fact that he was kicked off the team and released a statement of contrition agrees with that assessment.

    Oh, and this is what Burnette tweeted like 13 days ago:

    What a sell out.
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  25. IvanDiabloHorn

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    Actually, horn11 that fact that you make the statement a joke is not appropriate in any venue makes you intolerant of free speech.
    You are not a decider of what is humorous to people.
    Most people, including myself, found the joke unhumorous however it is nobody’s business to decide for others what is humorous.
  26. Horns11

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    Way to keep the torch lit for "free speech" in the name of tolerating the intolerable. If racist jokes are humorous to people, it's within the rights of someone who also loves free speech to call those people ******** and attempt to deny them future platforms to be that way. As Mack Brown et al did to Burnette. I never really liked Coach McWhorter, but I was glad for how he handled that decision (it was a primary factor in him winning the AFCA top assistant award even though our OL wasn't the strong suit of our offense).

    You stated it was the wrong venue. What's the "right" venue, Ivan? Should we call up Burnette and check in with him, as his recent Twitter post shows how he's changed in the last 12 years?
  27. IvanDiabloHorn

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    I did not bring up the player’s name and will not discuss him as it was an example and unimportant in the point I was making.
    There are many venues that have different senses of humor than the rest of us.
    I am sure there are plenty of venues that would not include some in their humor and I have no problem with them.
    Telling others what their humor should be is unacceptable and is infringing on free speech.
    Anyone that tells the you there aren’t different jokes told to different folks is a joke.
    Anyone that tells the same jokes to different folks is probably not funny.

    Intolerable speech is free speech.
  28. OrangeShogun

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    Agree, an example of free speech.
    Disagree, an example of censorship.
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  29. Horns11

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    I disagree strongly that the Burnette example is unimportant, as you were the one who brought it up as an example of the "wrong venue" but now backpedal because the idea that people can/should say that hunters should kill the n-word in the White House is abhorrent. Sure, he could say it legally, but Burnette faced consequences for his comment, and NONE of those consequences infringed on his free speech.

    Censorship? I'm not running for office and implementing policy, and neither were Mack/Mac when they booted Buck's *** from the team. Censorship would be actually implementing ways that took away free speech or limited it with some kind of label. Last time I checked, there are many ways that applies to daily life, from movie/TV ratings to music labels, etc. "Free from consequences" is what you mean, and sometimes that's not the viable option.
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  30. IvanDiabloHorn

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    I don’t back peddle. I also don’t waffle, flip flop or concede to points I disagree with.
    I also don’t let my opinion/discussion get pulled into a tangent.
    The Texas player was an example of using humor in the wrong venue, nothing more.
    I will give a different one you can chew on since you went on a tangent.There were jokes about the space shuttle blowing up within hours of the event. They were funny on a freight dock off of Wallisville road in Houston, Texas. Other venues, not so much.

    Humor is what most humans do, and is free speech.

    Also, PC humor is frankly not funny.
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