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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by uisge beatha, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. uisge beatha

    uisge beatha 1,000+ Posts

    up 39 - 38 @ the half.
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  2. Silas McFall

    Silas McFall < 25 Posts

    The threes we keep giving up are starting to get ridiculous. Anyone notice D.O. missing layups? Kid shouldn’t play. Effort is good tho. Gotta hope threes keep falling
  3. uisge beatha

    uisge beatha 1,000+ Posts

    Tied @ 73 w/ 2:16 left. We're going to live by the 3, die by the 3
  4. Silas McFall

    Silas McFall < 25 Posts

    Game was lost when Dylan had to come in. Great effort from the team that always comes up just short. Fun game tho.
  5. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Team played its heart out. No shortage of effort.

    The last shot was an exercise in confusion. They lost discipline, spacing and seemed to have no strategy to work inside/outside to open up a shot.
  6. Driver 8

    Driver 8 smoooove

    Is the BB cake baked now?
  7. SAMMCHornfan

    SAMMCHornfan 250+ Posts

    The horns need to play like this every game not like they started out against OSU, playing to the level of the competition. But, that has been the ongoing theme for this year.
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  8. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 1,000+ Posts

    If the horns played like that every game they would certainly beat a whole lot of teams not named Canzez. Unfortunately, they don't play like that every game.
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  9. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    Shaka got himself a moral victory last night. So he's got that going for him.
  10. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Give me a "C"

    Give me a "L"

    Give me an "O"

    Give me an "S"

    Give me an "E"


    Let's start a new statistical category - Wins; Loses; We lost, but it was close

  11. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I couldn't believe it's been 14 years since anyone other than Kansas won the Big 12 regular season championship.
  12. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    Texas was regular season co-champs in 07-08. We beat Kansas in the only regular season matchup. Rick Barnes’ 3 regular season Big XII titles is still more than any non-Kansas coach or school.

    Kansas State was regular season co-champs in 2013, but lost both regular season matchups to Kansas.

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