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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Aragorn, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Aragorn

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    Steve Hartman of CBS 2/KLAC 570 in Los Angeles: "Oklahoma exposed today. No defense at all, wasting 5 touchdown passes by Sam Bradford. Does anyone in the Big XII play defense? Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas Tech, same thing. None of them can hang with USC." Gotta love hometown homerism. How about Oregon State, Steve? Can anyone in the Big XII hang with Oregon State or would the Beavers win the conference? [​IMG]
  2. ProdigalHorn

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    Too bad his team choked and won't get a chance to find out.
  3. YChang

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    SC fan/media is freaking delusional. How hard is it for them to acknowledge that some damn good football is played outside of LA?
  4. eflow24

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    A PAC 10 fan calling out a conference on Defense? Laughable.
  5. Hu_Fan

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  6. wadster

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    USC had 5 tunrovers today. Good luck with that against a decent team. They would have gotten blown up by either Texas or OU today.
  7. militaryhorn

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    UHHHHHHH.....UCLA 0 BYU 59
  8. mojo17

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    Went over to Tidefans and they all agree that no one in the big 12 plays defense, and that we just play sandlot football. I wish someone that post over there would remind of our record against the mighty SEC
  9. BigWill

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    I'm usually not an internet tough guy. however, I did spend a couple of hours with hartman once, when he was in san diego. both of our wives were getting outpatient surgery...mine a knee scope, his a badly needed nose job.
    I pretty much spent two hours reaming him for being full of ****

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