LA Times: TX No.1 but will lose to AM

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TXpride, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I am messed up in the head. They will kept is close the first alf then we will take over.
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    What aggy has done vs prior opponents and what they will do vs future opponents means 0 when it comes to playing Texas. Matter of fact, the aggy who posted earlier nailed it, this could be like 05 where we needed a blocked punt for a TD and a FB swingpass to shake the ags 05 aggy was below 500, beat Baylor in OT and got humiliated by Iowa St. at home.
    This team has the leadership to go in and handle aggy, but regardless of how the rest of the season goes for aggy, it will be a huge game for them it could be for 1. they're playing for a bowl 2. playing for pride (always dangerous) 3. chance to ruin UT's season
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    I never take any game for granted, especially against aggy.

    But its fashionable to call "trap" games or tag a team as "looking ahead" to generate buzz, which is all this guy is doing. And if the Horns were trudging along like they were against Colorado, I'd be more concerned. They are not.

    After utterly dismantling Missouri and Oklahoma State on the road, it is clear this team is hitting on all cylinders in every phase of the game. If Mack keeps the team focused and we avoid injuries, the special teams will continue to set up sick field position on both sides of the ball, the defense will continue to feast on the bones of opposing offenses, and the offense will light up opposing defenses to the tune of 28 points a half.

    So aggy beat a Tech team rotating quarterbacks and beat an overmatched Iowa State team. Big deal. All that says is aggy is playing beyond their normal crappy level.

    The truth is: nobody wants any part of this Texas team right now, aggy included. Let's show up to Pyle Field to kick *** and take names. [​IMG]
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    Texas is the best team in the country.

    We come out flat against anybody the rest of the way then we dont deserve ****.

    Its right there, go take it.
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    Almost any game with the possible exception of Baylor is a potential trap game. I believe the Texas players could gouge each others eyes out in the pregame warm ups and still throttle the Bears.
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    Let's go there and kick *** and not worry about the names.

    In general, their names be Poop anyway.
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    Aggy has true freshmen starting on the OL. They will not be able to hold up under our pass rush or run the ball with any consistency. They just plain don't have the horses up front to threaten us this year. I'm not saying we could sleepwalk through the game and still win by 17 - hold on, I guess I am saying exactly that. If we go in focused, we'll beat them by 35 points or more.

    The talent disparity between this year's respective teams is much greater than was the case in 2006 and 2007. Granted, we should not have lost those games, either. But, they were not automatic by any stretch as aggy was still within shooting distance. That is not the case this year.

    The real issue for this team is keeping the momo train rolling so we don't **** the bed in the Big XII Championship game.
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    Texas wasn't very good in 06 & 07. They gave up 45 points to K-St and McCoy was injured the week before aggy in 06. They sqeaked by Arkansas St,, UCF, Ok-St....AND were slaughtered by K-St AT HOME.

    This team is like night and day compared to those two that lost to aggy.
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    This Texas defense would have to melt down for us to win and I don't see that happening. It will come down to A&M in the trenches on both sides of the ball and I'll bet on Texas as far as that is concerned.
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    The Link
    Nope, aggy football players don't play dirty. Nope, not at all. Never.

    Anytime your HC has to publicly apologize...

    Kellen Heard is just one gross example.
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    aggy is not a concern if we take care of business. We outmatch them in every category by a longshot. I think it's fun that they will be in full delusion by the time the game rolls around. More entertaining to see their dreams once again shattered.
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    FireRC, you may want to go back & watch the super slo-mo of the Potts hits by Kindle. It clearly demonstrates that Kindle made initial contact with the ball, not with any part of Potts' head or helmet. You show your ignorance with your commentary. Feel welcome here at Hornfans, but expect to be called out when you are flat wrong.
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    i think maybe everyone is getting their hits confused.

    kellen heard's hit on mccoy was after a mark dodge interception. mccoy was unbuckling his chin strap when heard came in and decleated him. dirty hit, and heard was ejected from the game.

    before that though, micheal bennett had a clean shot after mccoy had released the ball. that hit is comparable to kindles hit.

    no excuse on kellen heard's shot--he was looking to injure mccoy and it was wrong to have happened. bennett's hit on the other hand was clean.
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    Kindles helmet made contact with Potts but in the end it doesn't matter because I thought it was a great tackle. Sherm issued an apology because the kid got hurt, not because it was dirty.

    Also, the original comment was that A&M was alway out to try and hurt Texas players and there is no basis for that. Nor is there hardly any "history" of A&M players playing dirty.
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    Unless of course you are talking about Jackie Sherrill...but that's a different kind of dirty, isn't it?
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    Anyone taking aggy lightly does not remember how close they came to upsetting our 2005 season before we finally put it away. Strange things happen at College Station.
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    FireRC, there' no history of the Aggies intentionally trying to injure Texas players? Ask those of us who watched Jackie Williams take a dirty shot to Roosevelt Leaks' knee, putting him on the ground and out of the game during the 1973 game at Kyle Field. He said in the dressing room afterward "God help me for doing that. I was just so fired up".

    Two years later, I was sitting on my Aggie father-in-law's 40 yard line seats when early in the game Pat Thomas took Marty Akins out with a cheap shot. All the Aggies sitting around me stood up and cheered.

    Please don't come over here with descriptions of your people as being good sports. Whatever y'all can do to beat "t.u." is considered "good bull", from selling your souls to hire Jackie Sherrill to desecrating Memorial Stadium ( a stadium dedicted to all Texas war dead, including Aggies).

    It's not for nothing that we call y'all dirty cheaters.
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    1973? Well hell, that was like yesterday.
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    It is funny to look at FireRC's posting history side by side with the aggie schedule. Like most aggies, he is only posting here before the season or after wins.

    Hopefully they'll all go back to where ever it is they go after ou drops 50 on them. It's much nicer around here when they are gone.
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    This is not 2005, and the Aggies are irrelevant. They will understand why after they visit Norman. And our defense is even better than OU's.

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