Lashann doing Lashann things...

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. DFW_Horn

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    Before the injury she was one of the fastest players I can recall seeing with the ball in her hands. While she may never get back to that acceleration again, it certainly looks like she's gained at least half a step another year removed from the injury. Really wish we could've seen her in Vic's dribble-drive offensive sets...

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  2. brnkj

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    I've mentioned in conversation numerous times how effective she would have been in Vic's system... on both sides of the ball.
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  3. Ellis21d

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    Lashann was a fun player to watch while on the 40 but she had terrible body language when things didn’t go her way! And in the 4 years she was a Longhorn she never got over this. She can flat play though and I agree she could have been amazing under the current staff!
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  4. DFW_Horn

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    Her first 1-1.5 years I'd agree. She'd get down on herself very quickly after mistakes but improved as she got older. I think any poor body language that cropped up her last season was a product of the grueling rehab and frustration trying to acclimate to playing without her usual speed and quickness.
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  5. loyallonghorn

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    Y'all are spot on, LaShann was tailor made for Vic's system on either ends.

    Ariel would have put up bigger numbers under Vic with the dribble drive. Ariel was too unselfish and reluctant to be the primary go-to scorer.
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