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    I had to look twice at it to make sure. This is on Covers
  2. Pomspoms

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    Surprised also. You guys will like it if I bet against the horns. I've lost every bet either for or against the horns so if I bet against the horns they will win, and I am going to. Pretty sure. Well I don't like losing money. Ok I am going to do it.... Yes sir.
    I know for sure ISU will win.

    No hesitation here....
  3. RainH2burntO

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    Perfect line.
    I'm not sure why so many fans here just assume ISU is going to come in here and smack us....doesn't add up based on what I see. Great win for isu last changed my view a little on this game...and I dont like the 11am start....but everything else suggests this spread and a real tight game. In a tight pick em...the home team gets the nod here.
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  4. Duck Dodgers

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    Texas never has much of a home field advantage - I don't think even in Brown's long run of 10 win seasons did Texas ever have a long undefeated streak at home.

    Certainly with 20 grand of fans in the stands, there's none now.

    Hard to pick this game. Will make a prediction post now.
  5. SabreHorn

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    Never thought I’d see the day that Jumbotron was “the home field advantage”
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    Actually, from 1998-2009 Texas was 69-6 at DKR under Mack. That included win streaks of 15 games during 2007-2009; 16 games during 2003 to 2006; and 20 games from 1999 to 2003. That run from 1999's loss to Kansas State at home through the Ohio State loss at home in 2006 was a 36-1 run with only the home loss to Arkansas in 2003 preventing an almost 7 year long win streak.

    Ironically, Mack lost 5 home games in 2010 almost as many as he had in his previous 12 seasons combined. Then he would go 12-6 at home from 2011-2013 for a final home record of 83-17.
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  7. Statalyzer

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    I wish the line had stayed even. Both Campbell and Herman seem to do better as underdogs.

    We went over 2 full seasons never even failing to score 40+ at home (end of 1999, entirety of 2000 & 2001).
  8. EDT

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    O/U 57
  9. Duck Dodgers

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    Numbers don't lie - it just never seemed like Texas had a great home field advantage, maybe because the before 2005 years had the annual loss to OU in them. Hadn't realized there were so many wins in a row - you remember the stinkers like the Arkansas game and such before the other ones.
  10. NRHorn

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    1. It is a home game, if nothing else the travel
    2. ISU is coming off a game and a short week
    3. Texas should be healed and rested
    4. Texas has had more time to gameplan

    I’d truly be surprised if Texas doesn’t come away with a victory

    Hoping to write another post On What I Seen
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  11. longhorn47

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    You had me until #3...LOL
  12. NRHorn

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    My point is the COVID canceled UT/KU game had two silver linings
    1. Any UT nagging injuries will be better and ISU does not have that advantage
    2. ISU played KSU Sat. ISU next game is 5 days later, a short week.... Texas should be rested because their last game was 20 days ago. That’s a pretty significant difference.
    We shall see.

    Update- after I wrote this- TH press conference, from Texas Wire Cami Griffin”This assures that wide receiver Jordan Whittington and tight end Cade Brewer have been cleared to play. Whittington will return to the field for the first time since Oct. 10 against the Oklahoma Sooners and provide the Longhorns another dangerous weapon on the offensive side of the ball.
    Texas is as healthy as they’ve been all season, it couldn’t have come at a better time.”
    Wileys good as well and Joshua Moore is probable.
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  13. nashhorn

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    Oct 10? Man that’s a long time to be away from the game.
  14. NRHorn

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    I know, I thought of that as well... very well could be an issue as well
  15. EDT

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    Line has changed to TX + 1
    O/U 56.5
    Yep! Iowa St is now favored.

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