Longhorn Men's Tennis 1957-2000

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    Billy Dale The History of Longhorn Sports through 2014

    Coach Allison's  'Freshman Instructions' Memo.jpg

    The text and visuals of Jim Bayless years as a Longhorn tennis player are divided into two parts. Part I discusses the importance of Coach Penick and Coach Allison in building the Longhorn men's tennis program. Part II celebrates Coach Snyder's influence on the Longhorn tennis program.

    Part II also chronicles 1973, an interesting year in Longhorn men's tennis history not known by many Horns. The Longhorns added a 12th man to the team- undefeated when asked to play - who was an influential political leader in later years. Florida Governor Bush is on the back Row first one starting from the left. Jim Bayless, the author of a major part of the History of Longhorn tennis for the Texas Legacy Support Network site. The Bayless and Bush together .jpg is second row second from the left.

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    The History of Longhorn Sports

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