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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by BattleshipTexas, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. BattleshipTexas

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    Okay I mean the legitimate kind by massage therapists, like deep tissue or Swedish. Anyone have a preference? A place or a person? I have been to Myo Massage and found it pretty good. But it seems there are more massage therapists in Austin per capita than any other Texas city. Give me your recommendations.
  2. bozo_casanova

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    I strongly recommend Carrie at jackson-ruiz. yes, the place is a salon and caters to women, but she's really, really good.
  3. bluto

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    got a friend that does it professionaly at the 4 seasons. ill see if she still does house calls for it.
  4. 1990txgirl

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    Kim at Beleza Med Spa, located at 2222 and 620. She does great therapeutic massage, especially if you have back or shoulder issues. The rates are very reasonable.

    If you need something a little more central, try Mecca downtown.
  5. i got an hour long for $39 at massage envy.
    it was for first time guests.

    was very satisfied.

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