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    I'm a Metroplex sports fan. Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks... for better or for worse (Read Jerry Jones and abyss the Rangers have fallen into). This week the Mavericks once again play salary cap trade betting on the come: i.e. 2021-2022 season. They always do this and never land anyone. Meanwhile, the Clippers resigned Morris who basically terrorized Luka and then they are about to sign Serge Ibaka who also owns the Mavericks. We picked up a bunch of young 3 & D wings that may or may not pan out. But the Unicorn is clearly injury prone and we have no other real big man who can counter the elites... oh well, enjoy Luka... truly a seminal player.
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    Cuban hit with Dirk, won a championship (and dismantled that team) and now Luka. Superstars seem to avoid Cuban.
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    It's just not a great contract year for someone to be "the third" in a new Big 3 in Dallas. I think plenty of guys want to play with a lineup that includes Luka and KP, but not the group that was available this season. And if it was a sign-and-trade, they'd have to dump at the risk of losing what was working towards the end of the season and the bubble.
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    Blown out at home by Charlotte. They let the Melo go off and have his best game yet. The Mavericks are soft. They will not do well this year. It's a shame.
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    Not so fast, please.^^^

    They have a lot of new pieces to mold into Carlisle's scheme. This takes awhile.

    The 7+ foot European Unicorn hasn't played yet. He'll make the team immediately better when he's back.

    The new players will need to acclimate to Luca's dishing and creativity. None of them have ever played with a point guard that creative.

    The team's win percentage will be much better the second half of the season.

    Carlisle is a great coach; he'll get them playing as a unit/team by February.

    Also, Charlotte is no slouch. They beat Brooklyn (a very good team with Irving and Durant) earlier this week.
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    Wouldn't you agree that KP and Luca are budding super stars? They need one more to elevate to championship contender, imo.
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    Luka is (but not showing it yet this season). KP cannot stay well (which the Knicks knew and Cuban should have known).
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    Patience Grasshopper
  9. ViperHorn

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    I could care less.
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