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    Both teams played their first game of the season on Sunday, Nov. 11. Texas defeated Stetson 95-59 while McNeese State beat Southern-New Orleans 76-61. Texas leads the series between the teams 5-0. The last game played before this season was back in Dec. 01, 2004.

    Eleven of the fourteen players on the roster got to see action for McNeese State. The Cowgirls had two starters returning from last season: 5-7 Soph. PG Caitlin Davis (started 29-31 games) and 6-0 Sr. F Mercedes Rogers (started 31-31 games). In McNeese State’s 2017-18 opening game, Davis started while Rogers came off the bench. Other players joining Davis in the starting lineup were Keara Hudnall (#00, 6-0 Sr. G), Regan Bolton (#1, 5-8 Soph. G), Bre’Ashlee Jones (#2, 5-7 Fr. F) and Jasmyn Carswell (#5, 6-0 Sr. F). Other players that got in were Dede Sheppard (#4, 5-8 Sr. G), Shayln Riley(#34, 5-7 Sr. F), Cinthya Rivas (#13, 5-2 Jr. P), Haley Cooley (#20, 5-7 Fr. PG) and Gabby Guidry (#15, 5-8 Sr. G).

    The leading scorer for the Cowgirls was Hudnall with 17 pts. Three others were in double figures as well: Rogers and Sheppard with 13 points apiece while Bolton added 12 points. In 31 minutes of action, Davis (#3), flirted with a trible double, scoring 9 pts, grabbing 7 rebs and handing out 7 assists. Rogers (#21) came off the bench to notch a double double with 13 pts and 13 rebs. Bolton was 4-8 from BTA to lead the Cowgirls. Three others had at least four attempts from BTA: Davis (1-5), Hudnall (1-4) and Sheppard (1-5). The Cowgirls were a very poor 46.7% from the FT, making 9 of 16 attempts. McNeese relied on quantity to make their points as they took 77 shots, hitting 40.3% from the field. Three players had double figure rebs for McNeese State: Rogers (13 rebs), Carswell (11 rebs) and Jones (10 rebs).

    Davis notched 31 minutes while five others had between 28 and 21 minutes. Two had minutes in the teens while the other three had single digit minutes. Interestingly enough, the Cowgirls have two 5-7 forwards, one (Jones) who started the game. Their tallest players are Rivas (6-2 P) and Koko Daniels (#23, 6-1 Fr. P) who did not play against Southern-New Orleans.

    The Horns’ starting lineup was the same as the one used in the exhibition game: Brooke, LaShann, Ariel, Audrey-Ann and Jatarie. All 13 available players got into the game. Brooke (24 minutes) and Ariel (22 minutes) played the most minutes.

    Five players scored in double digits, led by LaShann with 18 points. The others were Brooke (14 pts), Jordan (13 pts), Alecia (11 pts) and Audrey-Ann (10 pts). Ariel and Jatarie had nine points each. Brooke’s eleven shot attempts topped the team. Everyone else had at least three shot attempts. It all added up to 83 shots or 2.075 shot attempts per minute.

    Jordan (8 rebs and 13 pts) and Jatarie (9 pts and 9 rebs) just missed getting a double double in the first game. Ariel led the team in assists (6) and steals (4). Ariel, Jordan and Chasity each had one block to lead the team. Brooke led the team with 2-5 from BTA although Ariel, Jada and Alecia each hit 100% from BTA, making their one attempt from BTA. The biggest problem that showed up was the 56.3% from the FT line. LaShann (4-5) and Jordan (2-2) did shine from the FT line. Six players had steals, led by Ariel’s four.

    Starting lineups based on prior game starting lineups.

    The McNeese State Cowgirls are a small team, with only two players over 6 feet: 6-2 Rivas and 6-1 Daniels. Texas will have a huge advantage in the post. Our post players should be able to take advantage of their height advantage. The other thing is that Texas has an experience edge, especially in the backcourt. I have to wonder if Rogers, a starter all of last season, will return to a starting role, perhaps in place of Jones, 5-7 Fr. F. Of course, Jones did grab 10 rebs to go with 6 points, so she was productive.

    It will be interesting to see who Jones, their 5-7 starting forward, guards of Audrey-Ann or Jatarie or will the Cowgirls go with Hudnall defending in the post?


    There is no question that the Longhorns will have a significant height advantage in this game. Our posts should dominate in the half court game whenever the Horns have to run it. One thing both teams have in common after one game is poor FT shooting. Texas is at a poor 56.3% on 9-16 while McNeese State is coming after an even worse performance of 46.7% on 7-15.

    The Cowgirls will try to slow down the Horns’ stampede. Both teams forced 22 TOs in their first game but McNeese State also committed 18 while Texas only committed 13. Both teams excelled at swiping the ball with the Horns taking 10 steals and the Cowgirls swiping 8. My guess is that Texas will end up on the plus side of that statistic.

    Some things I expect to see from the Horns: better defense (no getting caught by backdoor cuts, closing out on the 3pt shooter more quickly, continuing to keep the motor running for forty minutes. And, hopefully, lots of playing time for our frosh.

    From an email send out by UT sports:

    A few reminders for season ticket holders regarding this game only:

    • Parking is affected for this event. ALL Longhorn Foundation parking permit holders MUST park in the Health Center Garage (1601 Trinity St.). ADA parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lots 80, 108, 118 and Trinity Garage are unavailable for this game.

    • Season ticket holders should sit in Sections 20 and 35, or Section 21 below the rail.

    • Suites and courtside seating assignments do not change for this game.

    • Courtside Club hospitality will be open in Cooley Pavilion, and the Texas Hoops Club in the Lone Star Room will operate as normal.

    Game time is an early 11 AM as this is Texas’ annual 40 Acres Field Trip game with several thousand school kids getting to attend the game as a precursor to touring the campus.

    Don’t forget to park in the Health Center Garage instead of Trinity. It’s on the corner of Trinity and 15th Street.

    The game will be televised on the LHN and radio broadcast on FM 105.3.
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    Excellent chance Ariel joins the 1,000 point club in the next 1-3 games while Brooke moves into fifth place in career 3pters made at least by the time the team returns from the Las Vegas tournament, if not sooner. :bow:
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    Here at the MBB game and Rellah and Chasity just walked by.

    Just joined by Khaleann and Audrey-Ann.

    + Jordan, Jada and Sug.
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    For anyone attending the Field Trip game for the first time, the noise created by thousands of elementary school kids can be unnerving/piercing. If you’re prone to headaches, I’d suggest some ear plugs to dampen it.
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    Isn't this game typically during Thanksgiving week?
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    Consistent effort all game long from everyone was the main thing I noticed. No slacking off just because they were up 40-50-60 points. The other thing was the 3pt shooting. Our top six players (starters plus Alecia) were 7 of 11 from BTA. The FT shooting was also much better (15 of 20). No one played more than 19 minutes (Ariel). All thirteen players played and each played at least 10 minutes.

    Loved the atmosphere. 7651 attendance! Wish it was that every game.

    Man, this team looks so together and focused. Can’t wait to see them against tougher competition. The games versus the SEC teams are going to be interesting.
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    One of the things I noticed about Rellah is that, despite her build, she’s incredibly smooth. Most noticeable when she was going for rebounds but it was nice to see up close (gotta love general admission).
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    A little like Nekia Jones, but a little taller and hopefully more fit and athletic.
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    Aston is not real happy with the freshmen play. Especially Patterson if you were watching closely as she dealt with her. When she plays point the offense just stalls. She will be fine but it will take longer than I hoped. Littleton is playing hard but her shot is way off. Booth will be ok earlier than the other 2.
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    Really fun game today. Like Coach Aston says, we need to be patient as the frosh develop their college ball skills. My homeschooled daughter got to enjoy the game with me. Homeschooeld coaches kids also get to go to the games.
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    Both Celina and Brooke have said that Coach Aston is especially hard on PGs. The learning curve that first year is the steepest which made what Joyner did last season so much more impressive (and she had a few freshmen moments too). Karen Aston will occasionally show her frustration. Looking at her at the the very end of the first half today - you probably could’ve fried an egg on her forehead.
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    My first game since I had to miss the Stetson contest. Obviously a lot of excitement given the school kids, and the Horns looked great albeit against a weak opponent. Nothing unnerving or unpleasant about the loud atmosphere at all. Having the kids was fantastic; too bad they aren't present at every game! It's just the kind of environment you'd hope for at a collegiate contest.

    As others have observed these first few contests, lots of improvement this season over last for key players. Our veterans look confident, and are playing at a high level. It was nice to see the freshmen do marginally better this outing (7-23 vs. 2-18), and when Chasity scored on her first attempt (after going 0-7 vs. Stetson), the bench erupted and players came out on court to embrace her as she headed back to the sidelines. Destiny had a bit more trouble getting the ball to drop in, but also made her first attempt, a trey. Her shot is a thing of beauty, and it's going to start falling...not a question of if, but when. There were quite a few times where players took the ball to the basket when it was absolutely the worst possible option. I remember four of five occasions when I thought to myself, oh no, she isn't going to try that, is she? It wasn't going to work vs. McNeese, and sure won't work against some of our stronger upcoming opponents. Take it when it's there but don't force it when it isn't! But we absolutely have to keep playing the freshmen as often as possible. They are going to be a key component of our success this year.

    Overall, lots to be excited about; it's going to be a fun season!
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    I simply love watching Aston work the players. Good to see her passion (and frustration) for getting the younger players to improve. Her frustration seems to come from watching them try and do things like they did in high school and doesn’t work now. You know Aston is not coaching them to do some of the things they do. Patterson is trying but for some reason is not understanding yet.......trying to figure it out. I am sure most saw the exchange near the bench when Patterson was asking or trying to understand and Aston pushed her away and back on the court. That to me was the typical.....”i have told you before and haven’t you been listening or understanding moment?”. This year we will see how Brooke will be as a mentor and future coach. This is the perfect opportunity to work with Sug and Patterson to keep their attitudes right. I was intrigued by one segment where they showed the huddle near the bench. Brooke had that infectious and confident smile and everyone was paying attention to her and then they broke and all were smiling. To me that speaks to her leadership and respect they have for her. I am hoping she brings along Patterson all through the complement, translate and reinforce the messages from the coaches. Cause it won’t be long (next year) before it will be the Sug and Chastity show.
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    I'll start worrying about The Gunners if on Valentine's Day (assuming all three get playing time in the Tech game, which I would expect) they still look as clueless as they do now.

    It takes two years to really learn the Aston System. You could see Sug start to figure it out towards the end of last season. Same for Joyner.

    Karen shared an important insight after McNeese State: she said she expects teams to make Texas prove we can shoot from outside, not too surprising since we made the fewest 3-pointers in the B12 last season. Until The Gunners figure it out (1 for 17), it's nice to know our starting 5 are 9 for 17.

    Whoever said Rellah looks "smooth" is spot on. Although far from being able to run with the others, she'll provide important minutes in brief bursts until she gets in shape. She is one of our more natural, physically-gifted athletes. She can sky for rebounds one-handed, although that is frowned upon, and palm the ball with either hand, although I doubt Karen ever wants to see that in a game.
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