Meyer to replace Weis?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by CanaTigers, Jul 7, 2009.

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    The rumor of Meyer leaving Florida for Notre Dame has been dangled out there before. Is it picking up steam? If Notre Dame falters early will it get louder and will they make a push for him prior to the end of the year? Will this effect Charlie's appetite?

    Rumor or More Likely
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    Meyer would be insane to leave Florida for Notre Dame IMO.
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    I once heard that ND would be the only job that he would leave Florida for. I don't know if that is still the case or not.
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    Didn't Notre Dame try to hire him before he went to Florida? Looks to me like Meyer made the right choice. Notre Dame did have a great name when Meyer was growing up. Not so much while 2010 recruits are coming of age.
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    Last year when the numbers of the buyout were mentioned every time Weis being canned came up, this scenario followed it. There were talking heads out there who were convinced Cholly would not be canned after last year no matter what but that he would be let go this year pretty much no matter what.

    Had Meyer been willing to go this year it may have happened any way. This is by their logic and by throwing the buyout total around. Donors were willing to dig deep for Urban.

    I really don't know if I believe this and it would be wonderful to see Charlie get fired and Meyer make a bad career move and fall flat on his ***.

    We'll see but don't be shocked if the Domers barely make a bowl and lose it. Then Weis gets canned. But this notion about Meyer to ND has been floated with more steam in the past year.
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    Michigan and tOSU would not be happy.
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    What LonghornCougar said. ND, as much **** as we give them, including me (TV contract, BCS tie-in, media love etc), is any college coach's wet dream. Would Mack leave us for ND? Maybe. I sure hope not and no, I'm not starting any rumors. But if the money's right, you've already won a MNC at your school, have kicked *** for several years who wouldn't? Would any other coach leave to go to ND. Absolutely.
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    I think Meyer's very likely to go to Notre Dame if the money's right because of his self-confidence.

    Meyer's no dummy...he knows the Irish are down right now, and he knows the recruiting landscape has changed for them somewhat. That won't matter. Meyer, in his own thoughts, believes HE can recruit for Notre Dame like no other coach, and he might be right.

    Notre Dame probably was Meyer's ultimate dream job coming up...most every coach from the midwest not named Bob Stoops could probably say the same thing.

    Meyer knows he'd be rolling the dice by leaving a sure thing in Florida. That's why he probably will head to South Bend. He's a very good head coach, a very good recruiter, and he knows it. Meyer is likely convinced that he's the man to "wake up the echoes" at Notre Dame, and that's a challenge I can't see him passing on. Weiss?...I'm pretty sure some NFL team will be looking for an offensive coordinator in a year or so.

    One last thought...think what you will of Meyer, but if he can do for Notre Dame what he and others believe he can, he'll be a much bigger pain for the rest of us than he is now at Florida.
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    Notre Dame will win 10 games and go to a BCS bowl this year. Look at their schedule. It's awful.
  15. LonghornCougar

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    I bet Phyllis from Mulga hates Urban Meyer.
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    In reply to:

    "Notre Dame will win 10 games and go to a BCS bowl this year. Look at their schedule. It's awful"

    I agree they have an awful schedule, but they are awful, still, and Cholly Weis is still HC calling plays for the O. For Pete's sake ND lost to Syracuse @ home in 2008! Me thinks ND may, MAY win 7 this fall and go to a bowl game that they lose. 50/50 that record gets Cholly canned - depends on how much his buyout is.
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    My Bro-in-law is a ND grad and has been wet-dreaming of this for the past few years. I only see it happening if Meyer gets bored at UF and wants a serious challenge.
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    I dont care how soft the Domers schedule is they wont win more than 6 games, get into a minor bowl game against a team they should beat, lose and Weiss the genius is able to take the job at a&m.
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    Isn't there some unwritten rule of teh internets that states that every offseason, the idea that some major coach is destined to take the ND job? It seemed like a few years ago, Stoops' name was repeatedly thrown in the discussion and of course it never happened. I guess Meyer is the new flavor.
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    Has anyone seen Mike Sherman's named floated for the ND gig?
  23. AustinBadger

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    I don't think some of you folks realize the pull Notre Dame has for Midwest Catholics. Yes, they are down now and, yes, they suck with Weis.....but when a guy like Urban Meyer says ND is a 'dream job'........believe it.
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    Meyer would be insane to leave Florida for Notre Dame IMO.

    You think so? Well money talks and the chip on these guys shoulders to resurect a program is what fuels them. Tell me what else does he have left to prove at Florida?
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    Meyer's coached Jesus for the past 4 he's ready for Touchdown Jesus.
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    If Meyer does go to ND, builds a program, and then wins a championship, I think that you would have to then admit that he is possibly the greatest coach of all time.

    His resume would be:
    1. an undefeated season at UTAH
    2. 2 MNCs with Florida (who was not doing well when he came in)
    3. an MNC or two at ND, after a decade of mediocrity.

    I think that would compare favorably to the top coaches of all history including the Bear Bryant's of the world.

    This is a big IF of coarse, since none of it has happened yet... I'm just sayin...
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    If Meyer goes to Notre Dame and restores the shine on the Golden Domers there is no doubt that he would have to be the greatest coach ever.

    However I think the window on the Northern Schools continuing to be competitive in football is closing. Fewer and fewer people want to go to small towns to freeze every fall.
  28. HornInCanton

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    By the way, that article is simply just a total shot at Urban Meyer. It is written in the style of something you would see on an Alabama fan board. There is nothing illegal about coaches each other to helping to gameplan.
    It's pretty lame that the writer is giving credit for the Alabama upset in the BCS bowl to Urban also. Didn't Utah and it's players have something to do with that?
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