Mira Sorvino eating an ice cream cone

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Texanne, Aug 10, 2000.

  1. Bookman

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    I'm glad I finally clicked on this thread.
  3. BoogityBoy

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    What's this about?
  4. DoobieWah

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    OK. This was still on Page One, but the last post was EIGHT DAYS AGO!

    You guys are being very neglectful of our gal, Mira.

    Very neglectful.

  5. Benson32

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    this thread is nostalgic.
  6. TNLonghorn

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    Here's to greatness [​IMG]
  7. HousHorn09

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    To put it quite simply... I love her. [​IMG]
  8. Longhorn_94

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    what happened to my post? weird...?
  9. LawofficeofMG

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    this thread is ******* stupid.
  10. IRC

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    You should start a new thread with that as your subject.

    When it gets to 92 pages, get back to me. [​IMG]
  11. BoogityBoy

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    Where is Pronghorn? This would be a great thread to slip in a story.....
  12. LawofficeofMG

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    yea, 92 pages of pure BS
  13. IRC

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    Well, with a grand total of seven posts to your credit, I'm gonna hafta say "You don't get to vote."

    Texags awaits, counselor.
  14. drew corleone

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    I've been registered on this site for nine years and never posted on this thread... until now.

    Mira used to be so hot.
  15. hullabelew

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    Dammit. 6 posts deep and not a one of you posted a picture. Proper protocol is when the thread rolls to a new page, you post the picture. Get it right dammit.
  16. Victorious1

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    Pre-April Fools Day post.....
  17. Victorious1

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    Hey, my last post pushed the thread all the way to the top of the board....
  18. TNLonghorn

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    How did this picture drop to Page 2?!?!?!
    Tisk Tisk Horn Fans!

    TTT! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. pigboy1

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    If you ever want to see a Windows XP lock up like a cheerleader at her 1st prom, click on "view all" on the Horn Fans browser.
  20. bighornfan32

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    especially consider this board is the slowest thing left on the internet.
  21. hullabelew

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    Damn, 3/31 to 4/30 has to be the longest between two posts on this thread.
  22. HousHorn09

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    Back to the top you go Baby.

    [​IMG] Who dares call this thread stupid. So much inspiration is generated from this one thread alone. In the name of humanity keep this thread alive forever.... [​IMG]
  23. TNLonghorn

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    Mira told me she would like to get back on top. She said that's where it feels the best.
    So, I obliged.
  24. gobears92

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    I might have like, 50 posts, on this thread alone... [​IMG]
  25. WorsterMan

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  26. hullabelew

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    Dammit! Nine posts and nobody reposted the pic on the page?
  27. gobears92

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    Can we get her higher???
  28. SigPi_Horn

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  29. crash_davis

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    i wonder if she knows about this ode to her and ice cream.

    surely she HAS to know.
  30. elliotthorn

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    I think my last ttt was years ago......gotta love Mira....and ice cream....



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