Mira Sorvino eating an ice cream cone

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Texanne, Aug 10, 2000.

  1. gobears92

    gobears92 Guest

    dirty communists...letting it get this low... [​IMG]
  2. horn section

    horn section 100+ Posts

    1st time on this board and thought this was awesome! Wanted to get in on the action
  3. txboy_in_az

    txboy_in_az 100+ Posts

    Might as well. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. HornsOverIthaca

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  5. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    Just because. Well, and because I love her.
  6. 83Horn

    83Horn 100+ Posts

    Mira was looking a little down, so I thought I'd give her a pick-me-up. You're welcome.

  7. TNLonghorn

    TNLonghorn 500+ Posts

    Scary close to the bottom. [​IMG]
  8. DoobieWah

    DoobieWah 500+ Posts

    Hulla's obligatory reposting of The Photo.


  9. gobears92

    gobears92 Guest

    why so low???

    I shant let it happen... [​IMG]
  10. zork

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    wow. brings back teh memories.
  11. BDog

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  12. hullabelew

    hullabelew 1,000+ Posts

    Good job Doobie
  13. HousHorn09

    HousHorn09 2,500+ Posts

    Did I mention I love her?...
  14. Bayou BengalHorn

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    I meant to post this on 8-10-08 to mark this thread starting its 9th year. I'll check back next year.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work.
  15. gobears92

    gobears92 Guest

  16. WorsterMan

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    Mira your so fine... it was time for a stroll down memory lane [​IMG]
  17. Tim & Omar's Apt

    Tim & Omar's Apt 100+ Posts

    Easier to stay on 1st page when its on top.
  18. hullabelew

    hullabelew 1,000+ Posts

    TTT in celebration of football tonight.
  19. gobears92

    gobears92 Guest

    friggin commies.....
  20. 83Horn

    83Horn 100+ Posts

    Just thinking, I bet Mira likes being on top, and since I want her on top, TTT she goes.

  21. HousHorn09

    HousHorn09 2,500+ Posts

    Two days have passed, back on top my Darling...
  22. baylorbear245

    baylorbear245 100+ Posts

    i love hornfans....this brightens up my day
  23. NativeTXchic

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  24. IRC

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    Hey, Mira. Did you hear that the Horns beat the Sooners and are No 1?
  25. Bookman

    Bookman 1,000+ Posts

    Mira said that Colt had a great ***. Oh wait, that was Chase Daniel.
  26. bierce

    bierce 1,000+ Posts

    Should I invite her to repeat her performance?

    The Link


    Edit: had to add the image, since it's top of the page.
  27. leehookem21

    leehookem21 100+ Posts

    well, yeah!
  28. DoobieWah

    DoobieWah 500+ Posts

    Welcome to November, darling.

  29. 83Horn

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    Wow. December already. Time flies when you're having fun. Someone more knowledgeable and talented that I will have to post the picture on this page. I've done my part by sending Mira back to the top...where she belongs.
  30. bozo_casanova

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