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    I've been seeing previews for it but still haven't made it to Blockbuster to rent it. Before I go out and spend money, anyone else here see it? It looks kind of scary but then again it could also be a huge waste of time. Thanks in advance.
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    It is a C, not a C- or a C+, just a C.

    Horror movies aren't really that great as a genre anymore. I didn't like the Saw movies, I didn't like I know who killed Me, I thought the Strangers was ok, but only in a B- kind of way.

    Rent The Shining again, it is worth watching for the 20th time over watching Mirrors once.
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    Seriously? what is the deal lately with these type of movies. I guess it started with "The Ring" which was originally Japanese. But it seems there is a "The Ring" type stylized movie released every week these days.

    And i would say a majority of them are supposed to look "scary", but then i see they are rated PG-13. <---Which probably answers my question there.

    These movies are made specifically to extract cash from teenagers aged 13 thru 17.
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    it had a bunch of "cat jumps through the window" parts where it scares the crap out of you.

    keither sutherlands wife showed alot of nip.

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