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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by txlandagent, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Welcome to Texas, Mo! :hookem2:
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    This is a HUGE game changer for the Horns. With Coleman and Dylan O. coming in, and if Jones stays, we will have depth and talent.

    Welcome MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hookem2::hookem2:
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    Welcome to Texas:hookem:
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    Welcome to Texas Mo.
  5. txlandagent

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    Seeing this headline all over the media is giving me the best feels today. I've never been more excited about a Longhorn basketball team/season than I am right now. In stark contrast to the all time low of having witnessed arguably our worst season in history this past season, I'm ecstatic to see our schedule next year and plan on getting in on a lot of the action...big time! Oh yeah, the 2018 NCAA Men’s Final Four is in San Antonio!:yes:
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    Great news! This program is about to get the excitement and fans back in full force.
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    Starting lineup is going to look a LOT different next year. Finally Shaka will be able to use role players as role players and not front-line starters. A guy like Davis could be a good instant offense option if he gets his shot down again, and I think if he buys into that role (and drops the whole "I'm the best player on this team and I want to be the one who takes the shot") it could make a big difference in his play.
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    Agree Prodigal, but that is asking a lot.
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    Anyone have any insight on the starting lineup next year? This is considering that Andrew Jones is back.
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    I see Davis' minutes dropping considerably. (I truly hope not), but wouldn't be surprised to see him transfer closer to home after next season. Davis and Roach are really going to need to step up their junior campaigns if they're going to get quality minutes. We'll be guard poor next year but that's ok. Jase Febres is a monster sleeper. He will be a consistent igniter off the bench I'm betting, for a lot of games.

    I think our starting five looks like Coleman - Jones - Jase - Dylan - Mo.
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    I'm guessing Bamba, Dylan, Coleman, Jones and Roach. But Roach may have to work to hold that spot.
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    I would love that lineup.:fiestanana:
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    Dylan tantalized most people last year. Glad he no longer has to sit and wait.
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    Yes, my thoughts exactly. He will be a tough post player. Taking no prisioners. That will be a great asset to everyone else. Also it will help Banks develop, I hope. And give Mo some help in the trenches. Dylan and Mo will be licking their chops to get the assists Coleman will be dishing.
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    Top 5 Wingspans among past, present and projected NBA players. Mo is keeping some pretty good company.

    Manute Bol - 8'6"
    Wilt Chamberlain 8'1"
    Kevin McHale - 8'0"
    Mo Bamba - 7'9"
    Alonzo Mourning - 7'6"

    Mo is a beast among beasts. #randomstats
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    nobody does the high top fade on the hardwood like Sam Perkins (No, but I can get used to the Mamba. ADL
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