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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Hu_Fan, Nov 26, 2012.

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    On scheduling in the SEC...just heard on radio that Georgia and Alabama have not played each other since 2008.

    That's without a 14-team conference prior to this season.

    Imagine if the following teams all had to play each other every year: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, So. Carolina, Texas A&M. At least not skip more than 2 years without playing.
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    My Random Monday Free Themed Post:

    Where would we be today if Coach Boom had been promoted from Coach in Waiting, Deloss had retired and Mack was "promoted" to Football Ambassador ... hmmmmm. Makes me wonder
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    I miss 3:16 [​IMG]
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    That shocked the hell out of me when that pretty girl stabbed Batman in the back with that knife. I thought she was good, but she was bad. And it ended being her that escaped from the prison - not Bain.
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    Suh sucks and I'm not a Texans fan. Should be at least a one game suspension.
    ou sucks [​IMG]
    we suck
    the cowbys suck
    The Ref in the FCK game yesterday really sucked
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    Anybody know where I can a get bongo mount for my congas?
    My old mount doesn't fit my new conga stand.
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    Back again, I wanna play Kent St. in a bowl! It should get us a win, and if not a new coach [​IMG]

    However, we'd lose more recruits than we already have.

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