Most Costly Offensive Play Calls

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by 84 Horn, Nov 30, 2010.

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    12/1/2001: 1st Quarter Texas leads CU 7-0.

    1st and 10 from CU 22. Middle pass intercepted at CU 15 returned 73 yards to UT 12. Two Longhorns injured on play.
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    15 seconds to go in the 2nd quarter of the 2010 title game Gilbert tosses a shovel pass which gets intercepted for a TD. free points for Bamma.
  3. Horns11

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    Colt getting hurt was probably more costly. We wouldn't have beat Miami in the national championship that year, healthy or otherwise.

    One from a regular season game that sticks out was on Oct. 23, 1999:
    N 3-G T04 Clock 12:27, Buckhalter, C. rush over left end to the UT2, fumble forced by Brooks, Ahmad, fumble by Buckhalter, C. recovered by UT Hampton, Casey at UT2.

    I'm pretty convinced that if NU punched it in earlier (in addition to their TD later in the 4th quarter), they head to the national championship and we might get left out of the conference championship. Instead, Casey Hampton had other things on the mind.
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    59 pass plays against K State's dismal run defense, because we were behind and needed to catch up. Giving up the last shred of your own credibility is pretty costly. I need to stop typing now-I'm grinding my teeth.
  6. brntorng

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    Any play that required the OL to block.
  7. kbrown

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    The play when Blaine Irby was injured!!
  8. HornFan16

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    No mention of the slowly developing run play from Tech's one yard line that led to a safety?
  9. Dionysus

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    Remember that play when VY dropped back to pass or something and then he took off and ran past some guys who wanted to tackle him and he was like: no! and then he cut back and some other guys lunged at him and VY was all: LOL YOU MISSED AGAIN and Mack clapped and then VY scored and we went **** yeah baby and the other team was like: wtf again. That was awesome.
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    Colt getting hurt on the QB sneak against KSU
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  13. 84 Horn

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    Yes, the Colt sneak was the second consecutive sneak. What a great play call. Wildcat linebacker tee-d off on him.

    We got the six but lost Colt for the game and probably cost us the aggy game which could have been 7 in a row vs aggy.
  14. Horns11

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    "Remember that play when VY dropped back to pass or something and then he took off and ran past some guys who wanted to tackle him and he was like: no! and then he cut back and some other guys lunged at him and VY was all: LOL YOU MISSED AGAIN and Mack clapped and then VY scored and we went **** yeah baby and the other team was like: wtf again. That was awesome."

    I think that's GD's entire playbook from the Tech game 2004 through USC 2005.
  15. Burnt Orangeman

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    Colt's pick 6 in Lubbock 2008
  16. accuratehorn

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    1) Opting not to kick field goals against TCU in 1961 on a few drives that went well inside the red zone. It wasn't as common to automatically kick field goals back then, and Texas moved the ball so easily that day, DKR figured we would score a TD on one of those drives. It didn't happen, we lost 6-0, and failed to win our first national championship.
    2) The two-point play against Arkansas in 1964. It seemed rushed and ill-conceived, a low wobbly pass that hit the ground before the endzone, and didn't have a second option.
    We lost 14-13, and when Texas later defeated Alabama in the Orange Bowl, Arkansas was awarded its only national championship. Could have been UT's second.
    3) OK, it was special teams, but no punt returner should have even been back there in the 1984 Cotton Bowl against Georgia. Texas had the game won, and although we didn't know it at the time, a later in the day loss by Miami (I think) would have given UT another national championship.
    4) Colt McCoy's run against Alabama, resulting in a stinger which numbed his arm, the ultimate what-if, but had the game continued as it appeared to be going, UT would likely have won another in the Rose Bowl.
    You might re-consider your thread title, though, because not all of these bad results were "costly play calls," some were bad results of normal play calls. Sometimes there is a fine line between great play call and a bad one.
    Where would 53 veer pass be in UT lore had Peschel failed to make the grab in the 1969 Arkansas game on fourth and three? Would it be called the worst call ever?
  17. horn4jc

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    The $13,000+ per TD Greg Davis gets from payroll on the 1st and the 15th of each month.
  18. 84 Horn

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    Considering how deep the route was run and the coverage on the play I do think that if 53 Veer had failed it would be labled the worst call ever.

    The Curry muffed punt vs Georgia in 84 ranks near the top of the list of worst coaching decisions ever.

    I think the Colt injury vs bama was a fluke however it would have been nice to protect the title chance by limiting the times your qb is running east west looking for an option.

    The 12/1/2001 call/interception was frustrating because we were literally pounding the buffs with Benson and they were on their heels on that drive.
  19. Psychopharmahorn

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    Most recent costly call, the strange fake handoff to CJ:

    1st-1, TAMU 8 2nd quarter 5:57 G. Gilbert rushed up the middle for 2 yard loss. G. Gilbert fumbled. S. Porter recovered fumble
  20. Okichi

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    Colt's QB option keeper vs Bama for sure. That play has never worked, the QB would either get hit, squeezed out to the sideline, or force a dangerous pitch with very little room left.

    It was a disaster waiting to happen and it happened at the worst time.
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    The safety in lubbock in 2008. After the TT defense has spent every play in our backfield, we decide to hand them 2 points and the ball, which kept their momentum going.

    The Henry Melton non-run in 2006 against A&M.

    Every play in our opening drive against UCLA this year. After Stanford had pushed their D-Line all over the field, we come out afraid to even try to run straight at them, and we run every kind of play except the one that could have taken advantage of the middle of their poor rush defense. That set the tone for the remainder of our season.
  24. LoudHorn

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    When we hurried the last td against tt in 2008

    When we took a knee at midfield late in the first half against ou

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