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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by Sapper_Longhorn, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Sapper_Longhorn

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    I have an opportunity working at tinker AFB.  anyone know of the OK City area and what neighborhoods are cool, safe, nice...   I realize my longhorn flag may be inside my house...Good Lord, effing Oklahoma...tell me its going to be ok from Austin to freaking OKC
  2. pulque

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    That's so sad...
  3. DeadHorse

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    Ha ha.

    Actually, OKC isn't as bad as it used to be. Bricktown isn't terrible and they have an NBA team.

    How much are you wanting to spend?
  4. IsThatATitleist?

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  5. Sapper_Longhorn

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    its a good position and land development jobs are few and far between today..

    I want a nice masterplanned community area with restaurants and amenities, not urban or downtown....get in mind I am working in SE part of OKC at Tinker

    Good part is its a short drive to OSU and MIZZOU game next year...
  6. DeadHorse

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    OKC ain't big on master planned anything. It's basically one, big sprawling suburb. It's cheap, though.

    Good luck with all that.

    Also, if you're working at Tinker, you're looking at a long drive if you want to live anywhere cool.
  7. AustinBat

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    I visited friends who lilve in Edmund, and was surprised at how pretty that area was - almost didn't feel llike OK!
  8. KingBobo81

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    I lived in Edmond for three years as a kid. Good neighborhoods, good schools, etc. Decent place to grow up (other than being in Oklahoma).
  9. Hu_Fan

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    just go see Durant play a few games, should help
  10. Herkie Walls

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    you can be neighbors with KD
  11. chango

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    Prettiest girl I've ever seen in my life lives in Edmond, OK.
  12. Sapper_Longhorn

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    I feel a little better after visiting, they Edmund area is nice.  Classic story though.   I had dinner with another out off town personl who interviewed me, while staying in line at this restaurant at a decent Italian place, a 50+ old guy with classic mullet, his OU jersey and full compliment of dental needs was talking football trash to his party.  Later I explained the relationship between TX and ou....Can I keep my Texas plates.....I cant and wont put OK plates on my king ranch......
  13. Macanudo

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    OKC isn't terrible. It's the people who live IN OKC that are.
  14. hooklahoma

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    I ended up moving to Tulsa a couple of years ago mainly because my parents and my inlaws ended up getting transfered to Tinker. I dont know about you but I know what I would do if I were in your shoes. There are tons of sweet homesteads 10 miles east of the base where you can get mucho square feet and nice acreage for unheard of prices. Try east of reno and anderson in the choctaw area. the schools are decent and the scenery is better than you would think for the OKC area. I dont know if that is your bag, but you can live like you make 3 times what you do, house-wise. I dont know about "master-planned" neighborhood, but you are close to MWC and choctaw for groceries and you have fairly easy access to I-40 and 240 for a quick shot into the city. When the housing market eventually improves you can make a killing on what you bought now.

    If that's not what youre into I'd pose the same question on sooner and OSU boards to find what you want. They are fairly nice folks when you come in peace. neighborhoods near the base are mostly white trash ghetto or a decade from being ghetto. MWC schools suck. Any neighborhood with class is typically a 30 minute freeway ride north or west.

    Good luck, and take it from me, grow a thick skin and buy a cup. You are going to get **** for wearing longhorn gear.
  15. BigWill

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    Van Halen...not Van Hagar


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