'Moving to the country' White guy's fantasy?

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by DeadHorse, Jan 19, 2009.

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    We moved to 600 acres 45 min from Austin when we had our son. He is 3 and we are never in the house. We hit golf balls in the front yard, he sits in my lap and drives our polaris around the ranch. The first time he went poop in the potty I let him shoot the 22 off of the porch. I know that sounds redneck as hell but I would have loved to grow up with the resources he will have. Our dogs don't live in fences. Although we had a skunk in our garage today but thats another story.
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    We bought 11 acres close to La Grange 10 years ago. Moved from Houston. It was the best thing for our daughter school wise, but living in the country is the pits. I hate farming and farm animals, so the acreage just became a chore. Plus most of the people you interact with are aggies. My daughter is graduating from HS this spring, we have a contract to sell our house and buy a house on The Falls golf course in New Ulm. Best of both worlds, beautiful sub division living, but out in the middle of nowhere.
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    Bought a small ranchette 2 hours from town. The neighbor runs sheep most of the year, but takes em out during hunting season. For tax purposes, ;course. Building a cabin over the next two months. Nothing fancy, mainly just a bunkhouse. I'll put my hot dogs and beans over an open fire with a cold beer over the fanciest places in Austin. Would like to get to the point where we can head out of town every Friday PM and not return to Sunday. Probably wouldn't retire out there, but it would be an option.
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    "I'm gonna stay on this old concrete
    Cause city girls smell so sweet"

    The above story about the guy with the goat cheese operation is hilarious. I like Baboso's idea. No animal bigger than a dog. I would also include the fact that a wife is bigger than a dog.
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    I'm guessing that blacks had their fill of the country life during the slavery era. After that **** went down, I thinking the city started looking pretty good to them.
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    Watch the Dallas Local news for about a week straight. Tired of the crime, crowded highways, people who can't drive, rude people and just the crap is not worth it, I need about 10 more years.

    Ranch with a couple hundred acres, horses, dogs and maybe a few cattle. I am thinking about 100 miles Northwest of Dallas or about 50 miles northwest of where I am now in Denton county.

    Peace and Quiet, anybody comes up my drive way, results in a gun being pointed at them. Call ahead would be the suggestion.

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